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Torque converter replacement pointers  RSS feed
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Joined: 10/07/2009 07:25:47
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Torque Converter Replacement Pointers

1. Disconnect battery.
2. Make sure vehicle is secured on a lift or up at least 10 inches on jack stands.
3. A tranny jack is a must for supporting the trans after disconnecting from engine.
4. Remove mechanical fan with a large crescent wrench or equivalent. May need to hold the fan hub pulley in place while hitting the wrench with a hammer, it is a standard thread so left to loosen.
5. Remove wiring from starter and remove starter (3 bolts).
6. Remove torque converter access plug, located just above starter.
7. Remove front skid plate (4 bolts).
8. Pull transmission line connector off the attachment stud on the bottom side of oil pan. This provides enough play so trans cooler lines do not have to be disconnected.
9. Remove front propshaft (NOTE: use paint pen to mark both shafts when removing so they are re-installed in same orientation this will make sure the balance is maintained), may need to use a punch to pop out CV joint after bolts are loose as it tends to freeze in position. Having the trans in neutral may make disassembly easier.
10. Remove 4 bolts holding rear driveshaft to axle, let the drive shaft hang down.
11. Disconnect the two exhaust hanger isolators from the crossmember.
12. The front hub on the engine has a 20-21mm nut that is used to rotate the engine over clockwise to get the 4 torque converter bolts to line up in the access window just above the starter.
13. Line up each TC bolt in window and remove one at a time, then rotate engine 90 degrees and proceed with next bolt until all four are removed.
14. Remove all the bolts holding the transmission to the engine, minus the two that are on the topside of the trans.
15. Remove the six crossmember bolts, while having a jack supporting the transmission.
16. Lower the transmission as far as it will go, now you will have access to the two bolts at the top of the trans that are still holding it to the engine (keep slight pressure on the jack).
17. Use a swivel and long extension to reach the two bolts from underneath the vehicle, the approach should be from the driver’s side of the vehicle.
18. Jack up tranny a little bit and then pull the unit rearward until it disconnects from engine.
19. Disconnect the 10mm bolt that holds the transmission dipstick to the trans. Pull the dipstick upward until it pops out of tranny (may need to lower tranny for this).
20. Now the unit can be lowered and pushed further back so the torque converter can be removed.
21. Make sure have a drip pan underneath bell housing when removing converter as 1 to 3 quarts of fluid will drain out of converter.
22. Re-install in reverse order, make sure to align the dowel pins on the engine adapter plate to the bell housing and tighten one attachment bolt to pull the units back together.
23. Note when installing the four bolts that hold the torque converter to the flywheel. Get all 4 bolts installed one at a time, but just hand tighten and back out ¼ turn until all four are installed. Then torque each one and finally complete a torque check on each bolt after the sequence is complete. There is no sense to short cut this and risk a torque converter becoming loose.

The process takes about 6 hours for an experienced mechanic, budget 2-3 hours more for the weekend warrior.

Joined: 16/08/2009 09:43:45
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Location: Mt Kisco, NY
Well that more than answers my question. Thanks!

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I am not sure if any one else has used this procedure? I took a shortcut and had a set back. I skipped removing the fan blade to allow access to the flywheel bolt and turned the engine at the flywheel starter gear with a screwdriver, a good idea if you are working alone. The set back was, the tab to the tranny dip stick that is bolted the to the upper bolt got stuck between the engine and tranny bell housing I did not know this until most of the bolts were snugged, in the future I would put the dip stick tube back in after the tranny is bolted back to the engine.

My transmission jack was a 2 1/2 ton floor jack with a 2' 2X8 fastened to it.

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