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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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There is no factory engine braking on the Ram, it is exclusive with the GDE tune.
We stay away from the catch cans ourselves because they have a tendency to freeze up in cold climates at which point you risk to quickly push the rear main seal out of the block. With the EGR off the oil that passes thru the engine gets burnt harmlessly, so no cause for concern having is pass thru.

We've seen that some other companies are releasing tunes already for this application which is hard to imagine with it just having come out a few months ago. Ours will be ready come the fall once it has been validated in hot weather, the mountains, and under the most strenuous of conditions. EGR will definitely be off with our tunes and proven fuel economy gains included thru thorough combustion remapping. We have yet to see any other company that's putting in this detailed review and recalibration of the engine's operation nor achieving such gains.

I think it should be safe to say that regen intervals would be on par with that we see on the Ram EcoDiesel. Our experience with this engine goes back almost 10yrs now since it has been used for many years in Jeep products, with the right combination of combustion parameters the engine's soot production can become quite low. The stock tune is regenerating all the time and also misfiring during regen, GM didn't seem to do a very good job in this area of the stock calibration.
The stock tune initiates a dpf regeneration at 65% soot loading behind the scenes and you are not aware it is on. If the regen does not occur due to operating conditions, the soot will build up to 80%, 90% and up to 100%. At these levels, the stock tune will display a message on the dash to get on the highway and perform a regen.

With GDE "Regen Message", we will activate the "regen in progress" message on the center display any time an active regen is happening. In this manner, you are aware of every regen and when they are occurring. If you want to be aware of this, then the feature is very nice. Some folks do not want to turn off the engine during an active regen just to prevent heat soak on all the components as the exhaust will be at about 1250F for 10 minutes during regens.
The high idle/warm-up feature has a number of conditions in order for it to operate, I'll try and recap everything completely since there's a number of questions and also since we're actively wrapping up the development and making some adjustments.

In order for it to activate, the following has to be satisfied:
• Transmission in park/neutral
• Coolant less than 55°C (130°F)
• Ambient temp less than 2°C (36°F)
• Engine left idling for 30 sec
• Intake manifold temp less than 38°C (100°F)

The function will deactivate if:
• Transmission is placed into any gear
• Coolant temp rises above 60°C (140°F)
• Ambient temp rises above 4°C (39°F)
• Intake temp rises above 40°C (105°F)

As for the cold box testing, we'll go down to -20F (-28.9°C) since those are the temps at which the owner's manual says the block heater is "required". Our experience in the past indicates that -40C/-40F is, more often than not, not capable to start at unassisted. The cold boxes in automotive use generally go down to -40, to get below that most OEMs test at Eglin AFB in the Florida Panhandle - there you can test and drive at -60F if you want.

However, keep in mind that function doesn't kick in immediately so the after start engine stability is given by the regular combustion parameters, then it transitions to the warm-up mode.

Transitioning into and out of the high idle mode happens via a fast ramp function. The high idle can be turned off by revving the engine just past 2000 rpm and then letting off the pedal, it will then disengage and drop down to normal idle speed. This is helpful to prevent a clunk when doing from park to drive or reverse.

To answer another question, the goal of the function is to provide power entry into the coolant that is equal to or greater than the energy consumption via the heater core (assuming temp set on max hot and blower on max speed). There's no concerns about combustion/exhaust temps themselves specifically, neither with our tune or even the stock one. You can idle the engine for 20hrs a day if you want without consequence, just if you're running the heat too in a cold climate then the coolant temps will continually drop.

As the feature nears it's final state we'll post up the conclusive settings in a dedicated post in our sub-section for reference.
The shift points and lock-up sound normal for your model year. There is potential for 'shudder' at low rpm lock-up and more vibration through the driveline. I am not sure if Chrysler did transmission tuning updates on the 2003 model year, they had issues on the 2005 model year due to a different torque converter and modified shift points.
Our vehicle is still on order, as soon as it gets here then we'll get started to work our magic. The wait is agonizing as I'm sure you well know.
If you're wanting to do the delete tune for whatever is the reason, just select our "off-road tuning" option for the Hot Tune. This will disable all the codes related with the exhaust aftertreatment system, at which point you can delete in whatever means you want.
The tuned ECU identifies itself the same as stock, dealer will be none the wiser. Worse that can ever happen is that it gets overwritten, in which case we'll reinstall for $50.
The dealer can overwrite our tune if they come out with a new release and the part number changes. They will not detect our tune and not a big need for keeping the stock module...it is an expensive paperweight. Worst case, the dealer erases the tune and we reinstall for $50. Hope this helps with your decision making.
P2141 is the intake throttle failed low. Could be bad wiring or the circuit may have failed internally. We can most likely turn the code off with a custom tune.
Cruise control is an easy way to tell.

Yes our tune will eliminate the CEL and make the CRD run a whole lot better.

The off-road tuning option is aimed for those customers looking to delete their exhaust after-treatment system from the vehicle. Doing so won't increase the engine's power, but can gain another 1-2% in part load fuel economy.

All of our EcoDiesel tunes disable the EGR and the combustion process has been recalibrated to maximize fuel economy and minimize engine out soot production.

Any other questions just let us know.

The torque converter lockup status isn't considered as part of the activation criteria, but it always stays locked up when you're in those gear and engine speed ranges.

No, but drive it a couple miles so the mileage updates on the ecm.
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