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Messages posted by: ac5501
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Ripster wrote:Here is my experience from the glow plug cel of 1261 posted on Lost also.

Well I can vouch for Brickman Dodge Jeep of Antigo Wisconsin, pretty good diesel mechanic that
works on the cummings trucks there. The dealership has sold a few CRD's but he works on them
occasionally, but the reason the number 1 glowplug replacement and module by another dealership
did not work, and the code 1261 continued to show up was..................................................previously
posted here also, the wiring harness was reversed from factory, so that when #1 showed up, it was
actually #4. Of course had I taken it there first, they probably would have tested #1 and found it
to be good, and then they would have dug deeper to try to figure out the real issue. So I have
two new glow plugs a new harness and module--only two more to go now. Light has stayed out.
So even though I have seen others on this report the wiring harness is backwards, I thought surely
it does not happen that much, seems it can happen often. Testing the resistance of the glowplug is
a must as part of troubleshooting this issue.

Very similar situation for me.

CEL came on said #1 glow plug was bad......

Took Jeep to dealer. They checked and said the #1 Plug was ok and the problem was elsewhere. I would have to leave the Jeep and they would have to spend what could be several hours tracking down the issue. They said the glow plug was covered under warranty, but if the problem was something other than the GP, I would have to pay out of pocket for the replacement and the time spent diagnosing. I said could not risk a very large diagnostic build and went home.....

Took jeep to B in Law (Mechanic). After poking around we (and by we I mean him) discovered that the #4 GP was the bad one, and that the harness was installed backwards......

GP being a warranty issue, I went back to the dealer, pointed out exactly what was wrong, they confirmed it and fixed it at no charge. They even waved the 100.00 power train deductable because I had to diagnose it myself.

Overall, I was happy with the way it was handled, and have had not GP issues since
I've got not issue with the way that my tune (ECO) performs. However I'm not opposed to any effort that would increase coasting.
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:The TCU is in charge of what engine speed/vehicle speed/pedal position dictates the upshifts/downshifts and when to lockup the torque converter (partial lockup isn't available for this application). However, the engine ECU is in charge of how much torque to allow at those various load points. This is how we can allow either "full torque" while in lockup, or our modified tables which eliminate the shudder while in lockup at the applicable load points.

Does this mean that if we can somehow "trick" TCU into thinking the vehicle is going faster than it is we could then "lower" our shift points?
One of the things I've noticed since getting the GDE tune is that the jeep will coast a lot better. Before the tune, it felt like you were braking when you let off the go peddle. I always thought that was transmission/axle ratio. Apparently its not, as the GDE really improved this.

I was wondering what "settings/setting" would control this. I'm not looking for specific amounts as I understand you may want to keep that proprietary. My wife's Chevy Tracker does basically the same thing so I was wondering if any settings could possibly be modified there that might improve its coasting ability

Thanks AC
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