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Messages posted by: CRD Joe
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Please explain the difference (cost is higher for one) between your two TC Tune options for purchase.

Thank you.

I like the Green Diesel Engineering ones myself. Im not a customer YET, but I plan on being one.

Oh ya, and it was my idea to make them. LOL!
Ive got a 1985 Toyota 2L 2.4 liter diesel in a 1987 Suzuki long wheelbase Samurai that will rival any diesel in the tractor department! Lol.

I would guess that the Suncoast unit (I have one) is ultimately a stronger unit.
This should work very well with my Suncoast TC. Great. Ive wanted this since I bought my truck. As soon as you guys can post a "How to" remove that sucker Im sending it in.
What is a B&G trans drain kit???
Checkin in.
As to the shudder issue, Im not sure. I think once or twice Ive noticed it. Mostly I think its because I drive in 5th at as low an RPM as I can (1730 or so) and then if I have to suddenly speed up I think Ive experienced it once or twice for a split second at a time during the initial acceleration. Does that sound right or not?
Mostly I dont like having to drive to a faster speed (to get into 5th) than I plan on driving at! It wastes fuel!!! Id like the trans to shift into 5th earlier. I know I have the torque for it so why not?
How about a manual transmission conversion? That and a European computer. That's what Id like.
DAMN would I LOVE to not have to rev beyond 62 MPH just to get 5th gear! Frankly its a fuel waster considering how much torque my truck has.

Id pay BUCKS for this option.
Hello, I have a CRD with a Suncoast and Transco installed. At the moment Im running an Inmotion stage two flash. Im wondering the relative fuel mileage differences between getting an Eco and Hot tune. I typically drive for mileage. Always taking time to get up to highway speed allowing the trans to shift into 5th and then settling back down to between 55 and 60 MPH to keep RPM's low.

Im going to get in on the new "Group buy" at LOST and I just want to know everything I can about both offerings.



PS, dont get me wrong, I LOVE the power Im getting now as well. I just think your flash will be much more comprehensive in maximizing this power plant.
So do you recommend removing our already existing provents?
Hey GDE guys, any chance youll offer installation is someone drives to your location???
Dave wrote:I have been considering an elephant hose because I don't want all the snot (that my previous homemade crankcase vent collected) in my CAC. Do you get a mess on your garage floor?

I have an EH on my TDI Jetta, and yes it does effect the garage floor. The mess isnt bad though. I have a provent on my CRD KJ and it works well. I drain it every 1000 miles.
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