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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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We can help with the tuning aspect, but this type of custom work can get expensive quickly. You may want to give us a call to discuss, how functional you need the system to be. Vehicle speed sensor might be an issue. GDE
Even with stock WK tune, the egr is not on until coolant temps reach 20 C. The warm-up is not affected much with the GDE tune, maybe adding a minute. There is less soot with our tunes so less chance of carbon accumulation. The hot tune has been in the field for over 4 years now and the transmission A580 seems to hold up very well. I would just follow the standard maintenance intervals.
P1202 can occur if the pressure control valve on end of fuel rail is sticking closed or if the metering inlet valve on fuel pump is sticking open. This problem typically occurs from air in the fuel supply line or contamination of fuel. I would not expect it to be tune related.
The glow plugs are still actuated after the light turns off. They go into a quick heat up mode at key-on for up to 2 seconds, then transfer to a maintenance PWM duty cycle to hold the temp during cranking. I think it is a mix of poor calibration from Bosch on the glow strategy and a marginal design for glow plug placement and protrusion in the combustion chamber.
Glad you got it solved. I thought the line pressure kit might be too much for it. When it was 3 quarts low, did it even register on the dipstick?
P0105 is a main fault, there are 3 sub faults that help pinpoint the issue. P0107 is a MAP short to ground, P0108 is a MAP short to battery and P0069 is a MAP sensor drift compared to the ambient pressure sensor in the ecm. A new MAP sensor is the least expensive fix most likely. If there was an issue with the EGR is would flag a different code.
The link below contains the work around for allowing windows 8 pc to recognize the flash scan console driver.


Blocking the EGR system mechanically will negate the turbo overboost bleed function regardless if you block it near the intake manifold or next to exhaust manifold. The turbo bleed function is also part of the base software, we did not change this function. After an accel and then tip-out of the throttle you should be able to hear the turbo make a whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sort of sound. This is bad for turbo life. The sound will vary a bit depending on the rate of change in reducing the engine load.
The CCV is a "dumb" system and the engine tune will have no effect on it. The core issue with having the CCV plumbed to the clean air duct is the oil being recirculated through the engine and contaminating the rubber boost hoses. The stock hoses weaken with exposure to oil over time and they will eventually rupture. We opted for installing SAMCO boost hoses that have silicon in them to prevent oil bleed through. With strong hoses the oil harmlessly flows through the engine. With a stock tune the oil will still mix with EGR soot in the intake manifold and cause more sludge buildup. However, with a GDE tune the soot no longer enters the intake manifold and the oil now coming through acts as a detergent to slowly break down the soot currently inthe manifold. Do not expect it to clean the manifold, but at least will will not worsen. Thanks, GDE
Has anyone used the flash tool recently on Windows 7 64bit? We would like to hear your feedback on how this worked out.

Windows 7 32 bit seems to work, but are there any tricks to make it easier? We are running XP and not familiar with the other systems.

Hope your CRDs are still running well!
We have only been running without the mechanical fan during the winter months. It helps to counteract the fuel economy drop from winterized fuel. No issues to report when running without the fan, just do not tow much in this configuration.
A larger turbo frameset will most likely be too big for the 2.8l engine. With the higher inertia, the lag in building low end boost will increase. No need for extra air flow at the higher rpm range as the cylinder head is flow limited above 3600rpm. A port job would help this out, but the wall thickness would be reduced too much and potentially lead to premature head cracks. With the limitation in cylinder head flow, the smaller frame turbo GT1756 provides quicker response at low rpm and more flow at higher rpm as the bearings can handle an extra 30,000rpm over the stock turbo. GDE
We are out of turbo kits and prior to building the next batch of 10 we will need 7 pre-orders or intent to buy before the kits are built. Sorry about this but the carrying cost of inventory is not worthwhile. Please call us or email to discuss your timing needs for the turbo. May be a good opportunity to plan for winter maintenance or even for next year.

Your CRD has the earliest version of code for the 2006 CRD. We can tune it as is, but you do not have all the Chrysler logic features with the old code. It would be beneficial to have the ECM updated by the dealer prior to reading the original file off the CRD. After the dealer update you can read the original file and send to us for tuning. This would also prevent the dealer from inadvertently updating your software in the future as you would already have the latest they offer.

Thanks, GDE
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