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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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The shift points and lock-up sound normal for your model year. There is potential for 'shudder' at low rpm lock-up and more vibration through the driveline. I am not sure if Chrysler did transmission tuning updates on the 2003 model year, they had issues on the 2005 model year due to a different torque converter and modified shift points.
Our vehicle is still on order, as soon as it gets here then we'll get started to work our magic. The wait is agonizing as I'm sure you well know.
If you're wanting to do the delete tune for whatever is the reason, just select our "off-road tuning" option for the Hot Tune. This will disable all the codes related with the exhaust aftertreatment system, at which point you can delete in whatever means you want.
The tuned ECU identifies itself the same as stock, dealer will be none the wiser. Worse that can ever happen is that it gets overwritten, in which case we'll reinstall for $50.
The dealer can overwrite our tune if they come out with a new release and the part number changes. They will not detect our tune and not a big need for keeping the stock module...it is an expensive paperweight. Worst case, the dealer erases the tune and we reinstall for $50. Hope this helps with your decision making.
P2141 is the intake throttle failed low. Could be bad wiring or the circuit may have failed internally. We can most likely turn the code off with a custom tune.
Cruise control is an easy way to tell.

Yes our tune will eliminate the CEL and make the CRD run a whole lot better.

The off-road tuning option is aimed for those customers looking to delete their exhaust after-treatment system from the vehicle. Doing so won't increase the engine's power, but can gain another 1-2% in part load fuel economy.

All of our EcoDiesel tunes disable the EGR and the combustion process has been recalibrated to maximize fuel economy and minimize engine out soot production.

Any other questions just let us know.

The torque converter lockup status isn't considered as part of the activation criteria, but it always stays locked up when you're in those gear and engine speed ranges.

No, but drive it a couple miles so the mileage updates on the ecm.

The WK2 HOT tune is essentially the same as the Ram eco diesel tune, just a few differences for vehicle changes and software. It works very well.
The presentation linked below discusses the effects of removing the stock exhaust system in terms of performance. We do not advocate removing the exhaust system for obvious reasons, but there are folks that still will want to do this. In our opinion (backed up by lots of data and testing), the exhaust system is not the limiting factor on the Ram application, rather it is the turbocharger. On the plus side, the truck does sound better with exhaust removed, it just does not buy you much of anything for performance.


There is never any need to let the engine of the DS cool-off before shutting down - just drive it normally and shut it off when you reach your destination.

If the ECU does sense that something is too warm when shutting down, it will run the cooling fan for a prescribed amount of time.

For regen conditions:
1) Regeneration was active at the moment the key was switched off; OR
2) DPF Inlet temperature above 450°C at shutdown

Heat-soak back conditions:
3) Turbine inlet temps above 775°C for more than 4min consecutively before shutdown; OR
4) Coolant temps above 113.5°C before shutdown

The regen conditions are newly activated with the GDE Tunes. The heat soak back conditions are part of the factory tune and were instituted in order to meet the qualification requirements of the turbo supplier before production.
Continued idling will accomplish little more than throwing away some fuel.

The phenomenon you are describing is 100% a result of the transmission programming.

At a certain speed the transmission decides that it needs to close the torque converter lockup clutch, however when coasting like in your maneuver the engine speed is far below the trans input shaft speed (turbine speed).
In this case, the trans sends a positive torque request to the engine in order to raise up the speed before engaging the lock-up clutch. However, the by-product of this is that you feel the vehicle push ahead.

Unfortunately this is not something that we can control with the engine re-programming and is a byproduct of poor transmission tuning by FCA.
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