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Messages posted by: CRD Joe
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"GDE now offers recalibration of the viscous heater shutoff temp. For those of you not familiar with the VH, it facilitate faster warmup, but runs pretty much all the time with the OEM ECU during the winter. Our experience is that it costs a full 3 MPG. The only option before to avoid this MPG penalty was to run with the VH relay removed. With a grill blanket, this was not too bad, but GDE now offers an even better alternative.

With the setting I have, the VH clutch engages at startup and disengages one "tick" below the "one quarter" mark on the instrument cluster temp gauge (recalibrated as per TSB).

This translates to about 5 minutes of drive time from cold startup during a typical NE winter day. Since fuel mileage is pretty horrible until the motor warms up, I think this is a good compromise. However, GDE can program your ECU to shut off your VH at pretty much whatever coolant temp you would like.


This was posted on LOST! Im interested in getting a HOT tune for my truck as I have a Suncoast and Transco. Can you guys (GDE) please explain this option and what level youd suggest for me here in the Seattle area? It rarely gets colder than 40 degrees around here. When it is I alway plug my truck in.

Thank you

Bag the warrenty! Full speed ahead!
brew1 wrote:
CRD Joe wrote:I think the thing Id like to see most as an offered upgrade would be a European 6 speed
manual conversion.

I sprout wood just thinking about that upgrade.

Ya, me three! Manuals RULE!
I was fortunate enough to buy a truck that already had a Suncoast conversion. Im excited about the trubo
kit being released!
Thanks guys. Have you decided whether you guys are going to offer an installation option of this kit?
Two questions gents, where would you engineer types place the probe for the EGT? Seems to me it should be BEFORE the turbo so you know what your turbo is absorbing temps wise.

Second, what is this speed sensor all about and is it necessary? What about a boost gauge?

GreenDieselEngineering wrote:The target price is holding at $2500 based on the machining and parts cost. Our plan is to build in batches of 10 with first product available in the October timeframe. We will take reserves through email. If the interest is high we will try to increase the batch size to find any cost reduction feasible.

A 420 mile trip this weekend in 85-90 F temp, AC on, running 75-80mph with 30 miles at 45mph city driving produced 26.4 mpg. There were plenty of hard accels to exercise the foot and heart!

That's certainly reasonable. Im interested. Since Ive already got the Suncoast and TransCo I dont think Ill have to worry to much about the added tortque this turbo will offer.

Im going to hold off on my GDE flash since Im going to get one with the new turbo.
Cost yet?
Damn this is a great reference!~ Keep up the good work GDE!~
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:CRDJoe,

Do you ever tow with your Jeep? If not, the gauge will never leave the middle mark. With a 5000 lb. trailer going up Davis Dam, Baker Grade or Eisenhower Pass the gauge will run toward the hot limits. This engine is designed to perform without issue with the coolant at 239 F (115 C), this is why the AC will cut out first (based on the cluster calibration). The engine will run all day at 234 F (112 C) with minimal fuel limitation. With the pressurized cooling system and bottle, there is plenty of expansion room for the coolant at higher temps. The coolant bottle cap was designed with a specific pressure setting to prevent cavitation in the cooling system, which would lead to hot spots in the cylinder head.

The only recommendation we would add when trailer towing is not to shut off the engine immediately after going up a grade at max GCW. This is referred to as a heat soak and will lead to very high temps in the cylinder head. It is always best to keep the engine running at idle after a heavy tow up a grade. If for some reason someone is pulling a trailer above 5000 lbs. there may be overheat issues pulling up grades in the desert, we have tried this and turned the heater on max hot with AC off and the heat rejection from the heater core was enough let us run up the grade with coolant temps around 235 F.

Damn, you guys are way to smart! LOL. No I dont tow yet. I was thinking about a 2000lb adventure trailer, but that would be the heaviest thing Id be towing.

Thank you.
Well Im not sure whether my truck has had that TSB, but that lower reading is where my truck sits all the time.
I think the thing Id like to see most as an offered upgrade would be a European 6 speed
manual conversion.
Mine sits on 176 at all times!
Woo Hoo! Im there.
Im waiting on that "Hot" tune!
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