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Messages posted by: Dave
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I have been considering an elephant hose because I don't want all the snot (that my previous homemade crankcase vent collected) in my CAC. Do you get a mess on your garage floor?
The upper radiator hose is 1 1/2" ID (1.47")
"Dave, is the upper radiator hose on our CRD's 1 1/2". Just wondering, since you posted that size for the tstat housing?"

I only held a tape measure up and eyeballed it. 1 1/2" looks close, but I did not remove the hose and measure directly. If I decide to do anything, I'll measure it more accurately and let you know.
Do you get the same result with different fuel brands? Their method of blending winter fuel varies. Most blend in #1 fuel oil (kerosene) to lower the cloud point, which will lower mpg, more or less, depending on their ratio. Not enough #1 and customers will complain of gelling. Too much and they will complain of loss of power/mileage...junk fuel. Other companies have additives that have less effect on power/mileage. They all start out with pretty much the same base stock, it is their blends and additives that vary. Either way, they do a pretty good job of protecting us from gel, and you shouldn't need to buy any extra additives.
I,m afraid to price an OEM replacement and assume only 80*C would be available since this is part of the EGR system. Your right, I wouldn't want to tow with this setup. The Jeep is only used to haul my butt around the flat lands of Michigan. If there is too much restriction, I can drill more holes, although that may defeat optimum temps in winter.

I too, am concerned about increased pressure in the hose considering this is already a pressurized system. I see they also make a unit with a threaded inlet. It would be cool if the outlet of the original tstat could be threaded and the inline fitted to it. I still would like to know the inner workings of the original before I do anything.
Well, found this inline thermostat.


I would like to keep the OEM system intact and add this downsteam (between OEM thermostat and radiator). The only problem is, I can't find any info regarding coolant circulation for the CRD. Must be since the EGR uses coolant, it's all considered emmissions and the manual is tight lipped. If the original thermostat is double acting, and begins closeing the bypass at 165*, I don't want to cause overpressure when the inline doesn't begin opening until 195*. I thought I would drill the new t-stat to allow some bypass, mainly to get current water temp to it. I assume the water pump is cetrifugal and can't over pressure. But I don't know. Any suggestions?
Yes, as far as I can tell. The thermostat is inside a valve body which is pressed and crimped together. It is external to the engine and bolted to the head right behind the viscous heater. I think it is a double acting valve, but want to take one apart to make sure. Once apart, I'm sure it will be toast. There are other manufacturers that use external thermostats, which could be adapted to the Jeep. Space may be the biggest challange.
Does anyone have an old/failed thermostat and willing to sell it on the cheap. I want to attempt breaching the crimp and see what is inside. I am looking at the posibility of a remote thermostat to increase operating temperature to 195-200*F.



Went to look for a thermostat. Guess I should have researched that before posting, eh? Well, I'm not yet done with the desire to raise engine temp.

Thanks for the reply.
I ran the homemade unit for about 6 months. I would check the hoses periodically and they were always "damp" with oil inside. But now, with out the EGR, it doesn't bother me. I guess it is possible my unit was condensing the water vapor and still passing the oil vapor, except the tube running back to the turbo was fairly clean?

Icing up is exactly what happened one fine 15*F morning. That is why I removed it. I'm lucky to escape damage.
I did a homemade version of the provent. It collected a lot of "snot" but little oil. I still had oil in the CAC and believe it is coming from the turbo bearing seal.
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have questions for GDE.

First, is it your opinion that an increase in the engine operating temp. will improve combustion efficiency? I am contemplating changing to a 195 degree thermostat. I am interested in the ecotune, and am wondering if the thermostat change would or would not be recomended, and if so would the parameters of the tune need to be changed, or could they be changed to gain even more advantge in mpg?

Second, I am in West Michigan. Can I bring the jeep to you for the tune? I would love to have it dyno'd.

The jeep is a 2005. It has the exhaust opened up and a K&N air filter. Sadly, that did not make much of an improvement, probably because the ECM compensates. I physically blocked the EGR tube from the valve to intake for about a 1 mpg gain. That solved the manifold temp/pressure sensor from constantly clogging/failing. Then when unpluging the air control valve, I got another 2 mpg and a noticeable increase in response/driveability. I am currently getting 30 mpg hwy and peak at 33 mpg @ 60 mph on summer fuel (evic data). I am not necessarily looking for more power because I am not racing it. However, any increase won't be complained about. he he. The tranny did self destruct (shudder) and the dealership replaced the torque converter, pump and charge cooler. I'm sure it got derated as well. I am looking for advice regarding any mpg increase that you can supply.

Thanks for all that you do for us CRD fans.
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