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Messages posted by: Ripster
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I am glad you folks are making all the adjustments, but we need to figure out a way to update
all the tunes out there, like mine, so I don't have to make a trip done there every year, but
that would not be so bad I guess.
Eco tune I would guess most are.
Like it the way it is, the drive line not clunking is well worth the coasting, which still has the slowdown effect, just less.
Here is my experience from the glow plug cel of 1261 posted on Lost also.

Well I can vouch for Brickman Dodge Jeep of Antigo Wisconsin, pretty good diesel mechanic that
works on the cummings trucks there. The dealership has sold a few CRD's but he works on them
occasionally, but the reason the number 1 glowplug replacement and module by another dealership
did not work, and the code 1261 continued to show up was..................................................previously
posted here also, the wiring harness was reversed from factory, so that when #1 showed up, it was
actually #4. Of course had I taken it there first, they probably would have tested #1 and found it
to be good, and then they would have dug deeper to try to figure out the real issue. So I have
two new glow plugs a new harness and module--only two more to go now. Light has stayed out.
So even though I have seen others on this report the wiring harness is backwards, I thought surely
it does not happen that much, seems it can happen often. Testing the resistance of the glowplug is
a must as part of troubleshooting this issue.
I have found nothing that starts like a TDI, even the old ones. The CRD just seems to have to crank, even before the tune. It may have
gotten a shade better, but it is not the explosion that the TDI does, it just fires. You hear the starter and the engine is running.
I have the shift kit, but without the small resistor installed. With the resistor, hard shift from 2nd to 3rd at about 20
with out the resistor, smooth shifting. Still smooth shifting with the GDE tune.
I would concur, if you look at my trip, I saw the same results, about 32 to 34 and the EVIC showing 36-37 or a bit higher.
Fun to see, but not really on the mark.
I did a hand calculation, I expected a 2-3 mile drop from the EVIC. I have stock size tires, and in my example
240 miles and 7 gallon is 34mpg, while the evic, showed 36.8 and .7 of a gallon makes a swing of 4 mpg. So
while the EVIC shows large numbers, the real story will be less. And this vehicle does not lend itself to burping
and having the fuel in the neck like the VW would do with the vent removed and full on at all times.

So if I fill up more one time and then it kicks off sooner for whatever reason the swing could go the other way.
So the EVIC is off, don't know if the tune could address that in software to come closer, or with the variables
of tires, it would be a lost effort. So the average from Grayling Mi freeway and across the UP two lane was
approximately 34mpg. I will, when I have more time, put the fuel in the neck for several tanks and see
what a true hand calculation would be.

Sure when I get home will snap a couple of photos, left mid Ohio today, reset all counters, ran 68 in ohio and 75 in Michigan to Fenton. When
I pulled off the highway, I was dead on 37 mpg. If I was telling myself this a week ago I would have said this person is not checking all
figures with fuel. So if these numbers are unbelieveable, they just are. Hard to believe that Chrysler could get it so wrong out of the box.
But it is obvious they did something wrong. Ran 75 from the Michigan line to Fenton and the EGT were from 500 to 550 never ran so heat
free. Sure love the mileage and the test tomorrow will be across the UP and a few hills near home where I will be able to tell the difference
in pull up longer grades. Even with the EVIC corrections, you are still near 35, with is 9 over the EPA numbers on the 2005. Over time
I will be able to get a real good handle on mileage, but sure beats the 24 mpg at 75 from before.
I did not think so, I have done it on just about every diesel I have owned. By the time
they are all done, with probably about $300 with the gauge pods, sprayed to match,
gauges, and then off to a local muffler shop to get the probe installed by removing the
exhaust. Sure gives insight to your engine as you drive. Hit hills today in and around
Berlin Ohio and still at 33 for an average, two lane speeds all over the map.
Well what a very good day. Keith met up with us at our Motel and proceeded to install the tune. I was clearing
the code that running with the MAF unplugged gives, and I had another code, in the past month I had a glow plug
go on me, so I am glad to have the tune so that now I can see the engine light --should something really go wrong.

All of the mods you can see in my sig. Across the UP I was able to get 29 mpg and about 27 on the freeway at
70. We left Fenton and the freeway for the next 50 miles or so is very flat. I reset the EVIC and saw 40 in the first
few miles, then it settled down to 37.9 and I could not break that barrier. Stopped for fuel, it dropped in the 36 range.
Back on the freeway and it worked itself back up 37.9 I am now in Ohio and after Mansfield through the town, out
to two lane roads, out to dinner, I am still show an average of 35. This vehicle has never made it past 29 and stayed

Another benefit is I have boost and egt gauges, with the MAG unplugged I dropped 100 degrees, I plugged the
maf back in. Across the UP and freeway I was getting just over 700 in egt. NOW I am at 500 to a shade
under 600 at 70 on the freeway with the AIR on. This is really amazing to me and should really help cool the
engine, heck most of the time by I stop I am at the 400 where I generally shut down if I wait for it to cool with this tune.

Keith was exceptionally helpful and knows his stuff. Tomorrow I will hand calculate the fuel and see how close
we are, but this definitely puts this unit over the 30 mark with room to spare. I am full synthetic throughout and
brakes are not worn or hanging on this vehicle.

This was a smooth running machine before, this really helped out the shifting to be even less noticeable than before
with lower rpms in some areas. Would I do it again, absolutely. Save your money hard and fast, this is one tune
that really makes a difference in this unit. Kinda like it should have come with. It is money well spent, lets keep
them in business, we all will benefit from their projects for this Jeep.
My wife and I are headed down from UP of Michigan to Fenton tomorrow and will be keeping stats as we
travel, as on Thursday morning, GDE will do the tune on the car and I will continue keeping records etc.
I have the lift pump, synthetic fluids throughout the car, CAT fuel filter, and a couple of other mods. I
will plug in the MAF once the tune is done and see if the current EGT and Boost levels stay the same from
the trip down. Too bad the KJ site is down, they sure stay down when they have troubles. Stay tuned for
additional stats as I make the trip and use B20 if I can find it on the way down to Ohio near Columbus.
There are probably more of us in Michigan than you think. I am heading down next week for the tune on the way
through to Ohio. Will post here the results. Sounds like we should consider a group of us getting together in Michigan
some day, might be worth the effort.

The Ripster
2005 Liberty
Up of Michigan
Hey if you come out US-2 across, who knows you could tune your way across the West and pay for the trip.
I am in.
I don't know if you may have considered it or not, but within the VW TDI crowd there are those that became very proficient
at changing the timing belts, even developing tools that VW did not have to perform several tasks. Given the shutdown
of many dealers, and having to drive anyway and driving into an unknown dealer, I would drive down at the 100,000
mile mark to have someone competent to change the timing belt, someone who actually knew about the CRD. So
consider becoming the premier place for changes, tuning and timing belt changes are the two things that I value
the most. Also you might consider a once a year drive in get to gether for tuning etc and creating a network of
people. Just look that the yearly out East TDI parts gtg. Sky is the limit for you guys at the moment. Just depends
on how much time you have and what you enjoy doing. I will be down in the fall for my tune.
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