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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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The release date for the turbo kit is still on track, incidentally our long lead item is a little plastic connector. There are still units available. The kit will not come with the ECO tune or HOT tune, a special tune is needed for the kit in order to power the new turbo. If you get the turbo kit, the stock ECU is useless unless you want to drive with the engine acting as if it was naturally aspirated. We can always work out something with ECU shipping to keep your downtime to a minimum.

For those interested in the turbo kit, we can do installations for customers if you want to drive-in for a day. The installation should not take more than 5-6 hours. In this manner there is no need to ship anything and we would be able to give some price concessions.

At this time, we do not have any un-neutered TCMs available...but we are always on the look-out just in case! The Mopar "Euro" TC is holding up great in both our vehicles. It has been a major step in the right direction.


If you are able to get the new Mopar TC under warranty...that would set you up for the next several years. Being able to demonstrate shudder to a dealer should be enough to warrant a replacement. A little preventative maintenance on the TC will save the transmission in the long run. Ours are still going strong after 20,000 miles on two different KJs and we tend to be very destructive on our cars. The way we look at it, if it does not fail while we are testing it, chances are it will not fail on someone who actually treats their vehicle nice. Call us the 99th percentile driver...
It will only jump the first cold start of the day. When the engine is warm, there is no jump. Did you have a recent trip to the dealer?

Thanks for sending the check back. We were in such a rush to get your ECU back...must have overlooked the whole payment thing!
The CAC hose going to the engine inlet did not have any issues with rubbing other parts. We reused the clamps when upgrading to the Samcos. As long as nothing is rubbing the Samco hoses, they should last for a long time.

Do you remember what the vehicle was averaging prior to the tune in both summer and winter? The mpg you are achieving now is very good...almost double what a gas KJ will achieve!



Thanks for posting your vehicle information. The results you are achieving are fantastic and the information is very detailed relating to driving conditions, speeds, and vehicle configuration.

We would appreciate any feedback from customers that have been tracking their fuel economy during the last few month. Before tune numbers and after tune numbers along with driving conditions would be fantastic. Some customers have noticed the annual drop in fuel economy with the winter season. This is due mainly to the fuel blending of diesel and partially due to colder ambient temps. A 10% drop is fairly typical going from summer to winter.



Since you were an early adopter having an updated tune will add some features anyway. You may be better off just sending it to us for the update and we can program the new injector code for you at the same time. The cost for this would be $30 to cover the shipping of returning the ECU to you.

If you go to the dealer, they should only change the injector code and not update your entire ECU code. However, we did not record the firmware versions of the ECU for the first few buyers and we do not know yours. If the firmware is early, the dealer is instructed to update it as standard protocol.


We will keep you posted when we receive the module, we'll also let you know whether or not the ECU was actually reflashed or not.
The u-joint will definitely cause driveline issues that can be very severe. We changed one of these on our 2006 after some aggressive off-roading! It was almost undriveable above 40 mph and a small miracle it did not blow apart. Glad you are back up and running without issues!
The easiest way to tell if the tune is still installed is during the first cold start of the day. We added an engine flare right after engine start so it should rev above 1000 rpm and slowly drop back down over 15-25 seconds, this is more pronounced the colder it gets.
If you need to tune re-installed we will do it for the shipping costs, which range from about $10 to $30 depending on how fast the turn around needs to be.
We got lucky with the TCUs on our vehicles in that they are the original release.

The Samcos are doing very well on the vehicle with the turbo kit. They seem to be able to handle the added boost pressure without any problems. The oil does not bleed through these hoses, so they maintain their strength better than stock hoses. The ony issue we had was the hose exiting the turbo to the CAC tended to rub the air pressure sensor on the airbox. We rotated the hose and pushed the airbox against the inner fender to create some space. Some customers have added protection to the hose in this one area by wrapping it with aluminum or adding some braided wrap. Adding braided stainless sleaves would increase the burst threshold to some extent and would certainly look cool. The coolness factor should be worth 5 horsepower in our mind!
It would be a large task and require some special tools...budget at least 5-6 hours. The camshafts are integrated into the intake manifold, so the engine timing belt and camshaft pulleys would need to be removed. After cleaning the intake you would need to re-time the engine. This job might be easier to tackle at the 100,000 mile service when the timing belt needs to be replaced anyway.
Slightly different, we were discussing the added capacity, however the higher driveline vibration you noticed is related. The new converter has a higher capacity lock-up clutch, achieved using stiffer springs. The added stiffness means there is less relative motion in the clutch pack and thus more energy imparted through the driveline in terms of added vibration. If you are noticing higher vibration when the transmission is not locked-up, then there may be an issue. We would never want you to fall asleep at the wheel anyway!
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