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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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The coolant gauge TSB is a flash update to the cluster controller, this is a separate module and will not effect the GDE tune.
These are engine output shaft numbers. We do not yet have numbers at the wheels.
The transmissions in both vehicles are stock besides the torque converter. We have spoken with a few customers that have shift kits and the effects seem varied. We may try one to see what benefits are realized. Not sure how much effect a kit will have since the diesel is a slow revver compared with a gas engine. Does anyone have a shift kit with our tune that could weigh in?
Now I get it. There is nothing like that built into the KJ. The VW is an older product design and uses the vacuum butterfly on shutdown. The Jeep has the FCV (intake throttle) that accomplishes the same task, but it is fully electronic and faster. The FCV and EGR valve normally work together to control the flow of fresh air into the engine with a stock configuration. With the ECO tune the EGR is off, but the FCV will still shut on engine shutdown to reduce engine vibration to reduce mount excursion.
Last week we installed two of the recently released Mopar torque converters with part number 68037142AA. This unit has a higher capacity lock-up clutch in order to eliminate any potential shudder from the vehicle. We installed one unit into a 2005 and the other in a 2006 KJ CRD.

We have tested the converter without pulling a trailer using both the ECO tune and HOT tune. The converter is a marked improvement over stock and we were not able to initiate any shudder with the ECO tune or HOT tune. We tried simulating a trailer load by modulating the brakes to hold 1700rpm in 3rd gear lock-up and even with full fueling the converter would not shudder. This proceedure was repeated at 50 rpm increments up to 2300 rpm and everything functioned well.

The plan is to complete trailer tow testing by next week and provide more data on the forum when complete. So far we are very pleased with the converter!
What is the "anti-shudder valve"?

The EGR is not actuated in normal driving conditions. We will open it for about a half second on a very fast tip out of the throttle after a hard acceleration to help bleed pressure off the intake side and reduce forces on the turbo. This has given rise to customers worrying that if the EGR valve is plugged there may be other issues long term. We also have a complementary feature for the fast tip out situation. We open the turbo vanes, which reduces the tubine speed of the turbocharger and pumping losses through the turbo. This also reduces the stress on the rotating components inside the turbo. In any case, there is not reason to spend money to fix a failed EGR valve...unless it has failed open. If it fails open you will have clouds of black smoke during an acceleration from stop and a very noticeable lag.
The turbo timer is not part of the GDE tune and there is no provision for it in the base software that is part of the vehicle architecture. An after-market unit would be your best best if this is a requirement for you. We typically do the self timer and let the vehicle idle for at least 30-60 seconds prior to shutting it down after running the engine hard.

Any chance you could post a picture of the gauge set-up on your KJ? It is integrated into the "A" piller seemlessly and looks almost factory...a very slick set-up that other KJ owners might find very inticing.
Sorry about that, I am used to calling it an intake throttle. Since the EGR is not used with the tune, the intake throttle (EGR flow control valve) will never be used in normal operating conditions. It is not useful to choke the engine other than to drive people mad!

If you unplugged the throttle it will still set a CEL for an open circuit, leaving it plugged in should not set a CEL with the tune. The only time we use the throttle is during engine shutdown to shut off air flow to the cylinders. This reduces shutdown shake and reduces engine mount excursion to increase the useful life of the mounts.

If your throttle is broken (the internal gears are plastic and tend to break on the early builds), we can do a special tune to shut off the diagnostics if you do not want to purchase a new valve, but it may not even be necessary...not fully confident the diagnostics look at the throttle function during shutdown. If you purchase the tune and the intake throttle still causes a CEL, we can adjust your tune for free.
The service part number for the upgraded torque converter is 68037142AA. We just received two of these converters a couple days ago and will be installing them in the next few days for review and assessment with the hot tune and turbo kit applications. Both products will have the torque maximized for this converter within 1 month. Our objective is to find the limit of acceptability and not exceed the design limits of the new converter. The goal is to be able to hold lock-up with heavier loads to improve fuel economy while trailer towing and not have shudder in any condition. It seems Mopar raised the price a few bucks from $195 to $203, still a great deal for the money!
We just finished the altitude trip with the turbo kit. We were testing in Colorado for a week with a trailer to verify turbo speed limits, pulling capability and coolant/exhaust temp limits. Everything went very well! The tune should be finished within a two-three weeks and we are finalizing the machining costs with our suppliers. Parts will be ordered in a few weeks and we should be ready for orders by mid October if all the parts meet the timing deadlines.

We also just received two new aftermarket torque converters from Mopar with the higher torque limits yesterday. These will be installed before Monday. Then we will unleash the full torque capability of the engine to understand the limits of the new TC with respect to shudder.
With the tune you will still have a CEL if the EGR is unplugged as this would recognize an open circuit. With the tune it is not necessary to unplug the EGR, the system prevents future EGR failures with it plugged in.
The ECO tune protects the torque converter in lock-up. If you want the maximum power/torque the HOT tune is what you would need to order. If you tow a trailer the shudder will be very prevalent.

We will be installing the new Chrysler torque converter later this week and start performing testing with it next week. We will post our comments in a couple weeks and make sure it does not shudder.
This fueling issue has plagued several owners of the KJ CRD. These is not one specific cause, but rather system weaknesses that can add together to make the problem more pronounced. The P0093 occurs when the actual rail pressure cannot meet the desired set point for a certain time period. This flags a fault, causes limp-home mode and does not seem to recover unless the key is cycled. In many cases the ECU will just shut off the engine due to lack of fuel.

You should check the connector for the fuel heater on the fuel filter head assembly. The stock units tend to melt around the terminals that are built into the fuel assy. We would recommend filling the connector cavity with silicon sealant or purchasing a new filter head and wiring kit for the fuel heater (TSB 18-011-09, new part number 68043089AA is for fuel water separator assy). If you suspect a vacuum leak in the fuel system this would be the first place to address the issue.

The diagnostic limits might be a tad to tight for the fuel system, we are opening them up with the GDE tune to minimize the potential for this issue and setting a CEL if the issue occurs, no more engine shut-off without a CEL for fuel system. We would agree that the engine reaction to less than adequate fuel is no aggressive and the vehicle should never shut off on its own.
We intend on having reliability with the turbo kit...as for now, we are making trips with spare hardware just in case

We are planning a towing trip out west with a 3000-4000 lb. trailer with the turbo in early September. This will allow us to dial in all the safeties.

Have you noticed any drive ability issues with the KJ? The first trailer tow up a grade at 1700rpm in 3rd lock-up will let you know how strong your current TC is. If it shudders as you load the throttle to just below any downshift point, then you may want to push toward an upgrade. The ECO tune helps to minimize the initiation of shudder through torque management in lock-up, a good safety for the interim.

The ESP on the 06 model does very well in bad conditions in the mountains...is the vehicle already set-up with trailer brakes? A good investment if the vehicle will be towing often. The KJ can be a great long term vehicle...good purchase!
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