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Messages posted by: kdlewis1975
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My understanding is that the internals of the transmission are the same as those used in the Ram and gas powered Jeeps. It is the case itself that is different. The starter in the CRD is apparently on the opposite side of the transmission relative to those in the gas powered vehicles. If you look on www.car-part.com, you can find listings for used Liberty transmissions. Back when mine took a dump, due to torque converter as it turns out, I explored this option too. I think your options come down to another gently used CRD tranny or getting one rebuilt. Chrysler does sell remanufactured ones now. I think they were around $1800 (don't quote me on this) on moparpartsamerica.com a few weeks ago. Good luck.

I don't necessarily plan to install one until I percieve a need. I don't have any shuddering with the stock unit and no-limit Eco tune combination, but I haven't really challenged it either. ...no point in breaking something when it doesn't need broken. A switch may come sooner if I do things that require the TC to handle more stress...like if I start towing a lot...may manifest some problems there. I have a timing belt change coming up in 10K miles, so that will be the focus in the near term.
I don't know specifically what it costs, but I think the labor charge is on the order of 10 hours plus $300 to $400 in parts, so it's probably about $1200 for the job. This would be the reason many of us are willing to try it ourselves. Given the number of experiences people have had with dealerships on the CRD, I assume that many feel as if they can't do any worse themselves. I know a little about cars, but I'm a little anxious about jumping right into this job. I've search various forums for a good description of what it entails. The service manual has decent instructions, but not having done this before, I'm sure there are tricks and stuff that it would certainly come in handy.

While there are many of us that live in MI, I've seen like 5 CRDs in the Midland-Saginaw area, I understand why having a full-fledged mechanic shop specific to the CRD. You could offer the video as a download on your website for your forum members for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the camera. I suspect others are willing to donate to the cause.

And thank you guys for providing solutions for the Liberty CRD. I'm hoping to get a tune once the finances are a little better. I suspect the floodgates will open for you guys once more of us get our vehicles paid off.
Many of us are watching our clocks count up to the magic 100,000 miles mark. Because the timing belt change tends to cost an arm and a leg, a lot of us are considering doing it ourselves.

Would you guys consider creating an instructional video illustrating the timing change? I'd be willing to donate $$ to the cause. I suspect others would be willing to help finance the endeavor.
Forum Index » Profile for kdlewis1975 » Messages posted by kdlewis1975
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