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Messages posted by: bigmaho1
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one more question, anything else I should think of doing once I open the front to put the timing belt in? ie, Water pump?
Thanks Keith
Hi Guys, I'm at 96K on one of my CRDs, getting close to timing belt replacement time. Anyone have Mopar numbers for the belt, the tensioner and idle rollers (looks like 2 of them). And Keith, do you still have belts on hand?
WXman wrote:The wire for "brake" is located behind the driver's kick panel (under the hood latch release) inside a white connector box. Look at the wire loom, find that little white box.. and the "brake" wire should be inside. The other connection gets spliced into the brown/white wire going into the brake pedal switch above the pedal. Then of course just run power and ground through the firewall to the battery. Bingo, you're ready to hook up your brake controller.

Simple, Thanks!!
Hi Guys,
Off topic, but concerns towing. I'm finally getting a cargo trailer with brakes. I got tired of hauling 3500 lbs up and down the Rockies without them. Anyone know how to wire an electric brake controller into the CRD? I have the factory hitch and 7 pin which has a 'brake controller' pin, but I can't find anyone who knows if there is an internal plug I can 'T' into or if I have to find wires and solder away.

btw, just did the fuel filter/water separator swap. And yes, my old one did have burn marks and fuel leaks in the connector.
Holy Moly, When I bought my first Mopar TC last year it was around $198. Since then I purchased another CDR for my wife (never go out of town for a couple of months and leave your wife the keys to the CRD. You will be in the same position as me when you return). Anyway, next step is to upgrade her TC. Just checked Mopar. Part # 68037142AA is now $318. Guess they know a good thing when they see one. Anyone have the part number of the Suncoast. Might check that one out.
lol, what do you consider 'destructive'?
Just drove from New York to Albuquerque, NM with my new TC towing approx 3500 lbs. Not one shudder! And had to floor it a few times. Very happy. Fuel mileage was between 16-18 with a heavy load (in the Jeep and towed behind). Average speed was around 68 mph.
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:Slightly different, we were discussing the added capacity, however the higher driveline vibration you noticed is related. The new converter has a higher capacity lock-up clutch, achieved using stiffer springs. The added stiffness means there is less relative motion in the clutch pack and thus more energy imparted through the driveline in terms of added vibration. If you are noticing higher vibration when the transmission is not locked-up, then there may be an issue. We would never want you to fall asleep at the wheel anyway!

Quick Update. The vibration was a little too intense (even for a Jeep) so I brought it to the dealer. They found and replaced a U Joint in the rear drive shaft. Didn't charge that much (it is Christmas after all!) and she's much nicer to drive now. Don't know if my other mechanic damaged it when he replaced the TC or if it was on the way out and failed after the converter was replaced. Anyway, all is good again.
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:If you are a current customer and decide to add to your arsenal of KJs, we will provide a $100 discount on the second tune purschased. Is this a his and hers KJ CRD? If so, "his" should propbably get a turbo kit so you can better tell the vehicles apart. We would not want your wife to beat you in a 0-60...

Just got our 2nd KJ for my wife. The 'new' one has some bling (it's a ltd) but mine has the new TC I'll take you up on the 2nd flash discount! Will call.
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:At this time we have put about 1500 miles on one of the European converters and no issues to report. The trailer towing was uneventful, typically a good thing with us! No shudder present, however the driveline vibration can be a bit higher due to allowing higher torque in lock-up conditions. The energy amplitude transmitted through the powertrain mount system is higher, but in the end it is a Jeep. We prefer capability over refinement in ride quality from an NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) standpoint. The flogging will continue!

Hi Guys,
Installed my new Mopar TC last week. I am noticing a lot more vibration, especially when under load between 45 and 65 mph. Does this sound like what you are describing? I'm running the eco tune. lol, the good news is I'll never fall asleep at the wheel
Well that more than answers my question. Thanks!
Thanks for testing the new converter! One quick question. Can any decent mechanic install it? How long should it take?
Nice. The one in Brooklyn was a buy it now at $14500. Max bid was $12500 but it didn't make the reserve. I emailed to see if they still had it but didn't get a reply so I guess it's gone. I'll keep my eyes open for another.
lol, did you buy the one in Brooklyn? I was thinking of it for my wife but then it was gone. Got my eyes open now for a CRD within 300 miles.
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