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Messages posted by: davidmay
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I have to say that your explanation as to what might be going on is the best I have received, and it makes a lot more sense than simply I have an air leak into the fuel system.

I will be replacing the filter head and filter just as soon as I can, since I believe the head is still the old design (which tells me the previous owner didn't follow at least this part of the preventive maintenance schedule, as it was suppose to be replaced at 25,000 miles according to the owners manual).

Once I get the Jeep set up for towing in a couple of weeks, you can expect my Eco Performance Tune order . Thanks for the help.
I have not towed a trailer yet. I have only had the vehicle for a week and (unfortunately) have to get one very serious safety problem fixed first. My first step is to actually determine what the problem is. Since you asked ( ), here is the issue I have at the moment (advice on what the real cause of the problem might be would be greatly appreciated)...

I just bought the 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD (used, of course). The odometer reads 44,000 miles. I don't know when the fuel filter was last changed, however it looks reasonably clean on the outside. My wife took the Jeep on a hiking trip to Big Bend National Park last week. On the way there, no problems. She also reported getting at least 32 mpg fuel efficiency. The speedometer seems to be reading too fast by about 5%, so the real economy is about 29 mpg. I am happy with the mileage. My wife usually takes our little Casita trailer with her on these trips but we have not had time to get the Jeep wired for pulling the trailer, nor does it have a hitch yet, so no trailer on this trip (she wanted to drive the new car). This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

On her way back, there was a point where she went to pass an 18 wheeler on a two lane road with sparse traffic going both ways. She put the pedal to the floor and was about half past the 18 wheeler when the engine died. She ended up coasting off to the shoulder of the opposite side of the road with the engine dead. She was able to restart the engine after putting the car into park, and allowing a moment for her heart rate to subside, she calls me to tell me what happened. No engine check light came on at the time.

Later during the same drive back to home (and on the same day), the Jeep started losing power. The highway speed dropped to about 45 mph and the engine check light came on. She pulled off the road and called me on the cell. I said she would have to find a dealer to get the engine checked. She took off again. Now the engine seemed to drive fine (no problem reaching highway speeds, no lack of power). The engine check light was still on. An hour later, the engine lost power again. She pulled over, waited, took off, everything seemed fine. The engine check light is still on.

She was able to reach a Jeep dealer. The mechanic said the problem was lots (he said lots and lots) of air in the fuel filter. He bled the air out and charged us for a diagnostic service. He wouldn't tell us the trouble code that the car was reporting.

So now my wife is driving on I10 near San Antonio, TX, in majorly busy traffic. She says a car was pulling into traffic across multiple lanes from the on ramp, she went to speed up to stay out of the way (and no doubt to stay in front), and the engine dies again. Now she has to coast to the shoulder, crossing two lanes of traffic, with a dead engine. She gets to the shoulder safely, restarts the engine, and continues home. No engine check light came on at the time.

After she gets home, I check the air in the fuel filter again. There's maybe a few bubbles but not much. I then fill up the tank with diesel and head for the airport (I'm flying out of town). While on the way to the airport, I try a test. I start at 40 mph on flat ground and floor it. Just after I hit 80 mph, the diesel dies and I have to coast to the shoulder and put it in park before the engine will start. The good news (?) is that I did get a code P0093 (Fuel rail pressure malfunction positive pressure deviation). I have not had the chance yet to check the fuel filter for air (I will once I get back home).

If I find a lot of air then I might guess that the fuel system in leaking air into the filter during high fuel usage. However, there really wasn't any air in the fuel filter when I checked it after my wife got home, so I'm not convinced that air in the fuel line is the problem (no doubt it was when the engine lost power but the stall may be different). The P0093 code might be a symptom (abrupt shutoff of the engine producing a momentary spike in fuel line pressure due to fuel injectors slamming shut).

One question I have is: Is the ECM deliberately killing the engine for some reason? If it is then that seems to be an INCREDIBLY dangerous thing for it to be doing.

As for what problem the engine is having (whether or not the ECM is killing the engine), any ideas???
Looking for advice for improvements for my new (used) 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD to improve operation, gas mileage, towability, and reliability. Granted, all of these goals together are rather "best of all possible worlds". Advice on how to achieve most of them would be appreciated. Discussion of trade-offs with also be appreciated.

I have read through most of the posts on this web site. So far, I would lean toward buying the Eco Performance Tune and an upgraded torque converter for now. However, any changes need to be pretty much invisible to the driver, i.e. they should not need someone to change their driving habits. The vehicle will be used by my wife to pull a 3000 lb trailer in the hills and mountains of the western US and I don't expect my wife to have to understand much more than "don't try to maintain 70 mph up the side of a steep mountain, it ain't gonna do it" type instructions (she's a very smart individual, just not an automotive engineer).

The Eco Performance Tune upgrade is a no-brainer, since that is Green Diesel Engineering's main product. The soon to be available turbo upgrade is interesting but too expensive right now (besides, I prefer others to work out the bugs in a new product -- I am very concerned about reliability, since my wife will be out in some very remote locations with the Jeep and the trailer).

There has been some discussion about torque converter upgrades. If I read the posts right, one recommended torque converter candidate is a European torque converter ("Euro torque converter from the new VMM 2.8"), another is I believe a OEM torque converter from a newer Jeep Liberty model ("JK converter from a 2008 or newer vehicle"). Is this correct?

Any specific information about these two torque converters would be appreciated (part numbers, manufacturers, places to order, etc.).

Also, any explanation as to how to evaluate a torque converter replacement for the 2006 Jeep Liberty CRD would be great. Thanks.
So then, if I am going to take responsibility for the effect on my vehicle's emissions if I purchase the "Eco Performance Tune", can you tell me if the vehicle will pass emissions testing after the tune (assuming it passed before the tune)? Will it pass any state's testing? Will it pass California testing? I don't see any mention of the emissions before and after on your web site (if there is mention, a link would be appreciated).

I would also be interested in an answer to the same question for the "HOT Tune" and the upcoming "Stage II Turbo Upgrade".
Aren't ALL vehicles used on US roads emission controlled vehicles?
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