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Messages posted by: Cliff
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Well fitted this other TCM and this is what I found

With original TCM No 56044585AC
At 2000 rpm it changes from 1st to 2nd gear at 12 mph, 2nd to 3rd at 24mph, 3rd to 4th at 42mph, 4th lockup is at 43mph and 5th lockup is at 60mph

With TCM No 56044682AA
At 2000 rpm it changes from 1st to 2nd gear at 9 mph, 2nd to 3rd at 18 mph, * 3rd lockup is at 30mph*, 4th lockup is at 43mph and 5th lockup is at 60mph.

I didn't have 3rd lockup before
1st to 2nd to 3rd changes are very smooth 4th lockup still a bit low for me but with having 3rd lockup may improve MPG as I'm in 30 and 40mph area alot.
Iv left the original in its place and tie rapped the other one to the side under the bonnet and going to leave it connected for a few weeks to see if anything changes.
Thanks for the reply.
You surprise me there as I thought the T/C lockup dropping the rpm down from 2000 to 14-1500rpm was a little to low.
Iv got a 56044682AA coming from ebay but not sure if it will work as on the mopar site it said that the 56044585AC is pre 06/11/2003 and the 56044682AA was after 06/11/2003 and mine is 09/2003 but will plug it in and see if it locks at a little higher rpm as they both as far as I have found out work on VPN.
I have been playing around a bit and I think that at 42mph it is going into 4th gear and at 43mph in is going in to 4th gear torque lockup as the rpm slowly drop to 1400rpm and if I let my foot of the accelerator for a few seconds the rpm does not drop, then when it drops I put my foot down on the accelerator it feels like it is in 4th gear then back into 4th lockup and then into 5th at 60mph.
If I put my foot down it does change better but mpg goes up

When the O/D switch is off 4th gear and lock up happen at 29mph even when going up hill.

Does anyone have any ideas at all on this as I cannot find anything like this on the net

If I switch the O/D off at 40mph it goes into 4th gear no lockup if I switch the O/D back on at 50mph it goes into 4th lockup then into 5th at 60mph
Driving this way the gear changes are excellent really smooth.

With it behaving like this I'm suspecting the TCM is sending a signal to the lockup solenoid to early.
My TCM number is 56044585AC so I am thinking of buying a 56044682AA

Any thoughts at all, I was advised to try here from the Jeepforum.com
Also found out last night it drops by 200rpm when it gets to 60mph so really confused now.
New to the forum

Hi, I have a 2003 2.8 CRD Jeep UK.

I have only just bought the Jeep and found that the turbo pipe was split and the engine temp was between cold and the first 1/4 mark and wouldn't go any higher.
I guess from the previous owner that its been this way for some time.

I have done engine oil and filters, map clean, thermostat, boost pipe, fan heater speed control resistor, and more so now there is plenty of power and the temp gauge is smack in the middle but these gear changes don’t seem right to me and I’m thinking that it will end up taking the clutch pack out or the TC in the gearbox.

The transmission oil is on the level and is bright red and gear changes are good.
At 2000 rpm it changes from 1st to 2nd gear at 12 mph, 2nd to 3rd at 24mph, 3rd to 4th at 42mph, but 4th to 5th is at 43mph which drops the engine down to 1400-1500rpm giving a slight vibration like when you put a manual gear box in to a high gear to soon.
If I click off the O/D switch on the gear lever 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd seem the same but 3rd to 4th changes at about 29mph which also drops the engine to 1400-1500rpm.
These changes of getting into a higher gear would be good for MPG if you drive on flat roads but I live in wales which is full of hills.

If you could shed some light on the this it would be much appreciated or is it me and that I'm not used to an automatic and that's just how they are
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