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Messages posted by: TDIwyse
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Does anyone know the impact of this TSB and the battery drain issue? GDE, does your tune impact this TSB?

That above estimate of mine is pretty rough. There are several battery drainage calculators on line that should give better info. Here's an example.


Good info. Went out and checked 3 of my vehicles. I disconnected the negative terminal of the battery for a minute and then put the amp meter between the battery and the vehicle cable.

2006 liberty CRD. Current drain starts out in the ~1.5 mA range and after about 15-20 seconds stabilizes at 290 mA.
2001 VW TDI. Current drain starts out in the ~300 mA range and after about 5 seconds stabilizes at 30 mA.
1990 YJ. Current drain starts and stays at ~28 mA.
Didn't do the big Cummins as its 2 batteries and its raining . . .

Seems like my Liberty has a substantially higher steady state current load in the off condition than my other vehicles. No wonder it has the lowest battery voltage of all my vehicles after sitting overnight (my other vehicles still have ~12.6-12.7V on the battery after sitting overnight while the CRD is down to ~12.1). If you let it sit over the weekend (Friday afternoon to Monday morning) that's ~60 hrs and 18 Amps of its capacity lost. Yikes.

GreenDieselEngineering wrote:Yesterday after driving our 06 with new red top, the voltage after shutdown was 12.8 V (warm battery). This morning the voltage (with key off) read 12.3 V. The readings vary wildly depending on the conditions.

We also measured the current draw inherent with the vehicles after sitting overnight. Both the 05 and 06 measured almost 1.7 amps of current across the terminals, not sure how this compares with other vehicles yet. Most vehicles have some sort of leak rate for current, usually low enough to be able to start the vehicle after a few weeks of sitting (in a perfect world).
Was your battery voltage data points during the start (while spinning the engine) or just sitting there without a load? My battery voltage is dropping to around 12.1 V after sitting for about 8 hrs. On the other vehicles I've had this usually means needing a new battery. Looks like I've got a new battery in my near future. Do you guys recommend the Optima's or do you have a better alternative?
Thanks. I'll be checking my battery . . .
Has anyone experimented with other starters that would offer higher crank speeds?

GreenDieselEngineering wrote:The other issue with the KJ CRD when comparing to other diesels on the market relates to the starter and cranking speeds. The gearing and torque of the starter is only producing cranking speeds of about 105-110 rpm in very cold conditions. Other products will have cranking speeds of 120-140 rpm in the same condition. This difference in speed is huge when we want to compress the air in the chamber. The faster the cranking speeds, the more heat build-up due to compression and less leakage past the rings.
Good morning. Got a couple MPG questions regarding cold weather and your tune.

What would be considered a normal drop in MPG's for a ~15 mile commute in winter with winterized fuel?

How about long highway trips?

Is your tune's efficiency better with warm fuel or cold fuel or does it matter? I had disabled the fuel heater due to some concerns over leaking but am wondering if better efficiency would be had if I had it enabled.

Thanks for your time.
It's getting cold in Iowa. I'm ~2 months into owning an 06 Liberty CRD Limited. Got the GDE tune ~ 1 month ago. Really enjoying it.

I've noticed a significant increase in crank times with the colder weather. When the jeep has been cold soaked in ~35-45F air temps I'm having to crank for ~3-4 seconds to get it to start. This is up from ~ 1 sec when warm. The cold start takes longer than any of my other diesels vehicles (Cummins, VW TDI). Is this normal for the CRD? Is it a function of the GDE tune? I've got a lift pump installed and no indication there's air in the filter. I plugged the MAF back in after getting the GDE tune. Fuel Filter is less than 1 month old. Got the V6 Airbox with the Amsoil airfilter and it's less than 1 month old. Not getting any glow plug errors. I do have the fuel heater and viscous heater disabled but don't think that would cause this issue.

Thoughts or suggestions?
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