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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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Call us and we can let you know, Nothing has changed much for the most part.
Just waiting on EFI Live software update, then it will be ready to sell
You can install the sasqkuatch delete kit with no issues.
The misfire code is real and could be bad fuel or just an ecm hiccup. Some folks that have the misfire can key off and wait 30 seconds, then restart and problem goes away. The vibration at a certain speed range sounds like a driveline issue. Best to check the brakes, axle, etc. for play and fluid levels. If you turn the OD off, does it still do it at that speed range?
Please find below the current features list for the EcoDiesel transmission tuning (both Jeep and Ram EcoDiesels):

• Eliminates 2-1 downshift hesitation at low speed tip-in maneuvers (i.e. rolling stop sign re-acceleration)
• Upshifts earlier in all conditions for improved fuel economy.
• Downshift criteria revamped to best utilize engine torque curve and stay in each gear longer.
• Hill mode optimization to prevent gear hunting
• Refinement on shift scheduling in altitude to provide better engine responsiveness
• Revamped warm-up mode scheduling to provide faster engine warmup (i.e. 1-2 gears lower compared to normal shift maps)
• Increased minimum engine speed after upshift during DPF regeneration for better regen efficiency (this feature will only appear with the GDE Hot Tune installed in ECM).
• Eliminated shift schedule offset based on steering wheel angle to give better continuity of powertrain presence.
• All new tow/haul mode scheduling for maintaining best engine speed range during trailering.
• More use of converter lockup and reduced slip rates to reduce tranny fluid heat load and improve fuel economy.
• More linear response in shifting in medium/high load.
• The shift speeds are quicker and torque response optimized.
• Positive torque requests enabled during downshifts at lower engine speeds for smoother and quicker shifts.
• Torque management maps calibrated for proper clutch control in high output applications (i.e. GDE Turbo Kit, etc), and positive torque enabled during closed throttle downshifts for improved shift comfort
• Highway passing downshifts are sharper and torque is immediate.
• Holds gear better while towing and less hunting on grades.
• Raised absolute input torque limits to enable full torque capacity of GDE Turbo Kit
• Ram vehicles now feature our GearCommand™ feature letting the (+) and (-) buttons on steering wheel to command up- and down-shifts when pressed instead of setting max allowed gear.
• Enables 2nd gear launch from a stop using wheel buttons (Ram) or steering wheel paddles (Jeep).
• Jeep Eco Mode now remembers the last mode selected instead of defaulting always to Eco Mode (for 2014-2015 vehicles)
• Jeep Eco Mode now starts in 2nd gear by default and features a shift scheduled designed for fuel economy.
Nothing of importance, we have tuning out on the 2017 model now.
The sooner the better for your engine. Just don't wait until it breaks.
GDE does not measure NOx levels in the tuning as a multi-million dollar lab is needed for that to measure correctly and simply not in our budget. We focus on minimizing CO2 in our tuning as this is a global warming gas and has a 1:1 relation with fuel usage. Maximize fuel economy equals minimizing CO2 output.
We will get a GM section on this forum in a couple weeks. The last dyno runs were about 40hp and 60 ftlb of torque over factory per my memory.
We are waiting on the exhaust downpipes. Should be ready around 5 Oct.
If you are located close, we can tune it in house. We are still working on the delivery tool for this application and running into a few stumbling blocks.
It should still pass fine.
Vote4Hef77 wrote: I am currently running an Eco Tune but, I am very interested in buying one of these Turbo Kits. Any idea if or when you might have any more?

We hope to have 4 more kits made up by 15 September.
HerkDoctor wrote:Been tuned since March '17. I recently had to shut the motor off during regen because it popped up a mile and half from work. The fans didn't run at all. I hung around the truck for a few remembering the fans were supposed to keep running but nada. Is there a temp threshold or is it as simple as just being in regen?

There is a temp threshold for the fans.
GDE can make a custom tune to handle most any aftermarket option. Give us a call for specifics.
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