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Messages posted by: BrianS
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Yep. lost close to 2 mpg after same update. Just recently got the Hot Tune and it's back!
John Jensen wrote:GDE,

I believe you but I had an experience that makes me ask the question why yours will pass and other tunes that turn off EGR will not pass Calif smog test.

My Ford 6.0 diesel has an SCT tuner and the tunes turn off the EGR. I forgot to return my tune to stock when I took it in for the Calif smog test. It failed, the tester saying they did not get any signal or reading from the EGR sensor.

I returned home, replaced the tune with the stock tune, went back to the smog test and it passed, no problem.

Does your tune somehow allow the smog tester to see or get a valid reading? If so, how then is it turning off the EGR?

Thanks for reassuring me.

California doesn't really do a "smog test" on diesel's. Its more of a visual inspection to insure you haven't messed with any "smog" parts and when the engine is revved up you don't blow black smoke out the tail pipe. If the probe is used no acual "smog" values are taken or used in the report.

California has a new fuel distributed by Propelfuels.com its called HPR. (High Performance Renewable) it will run in any diesel. Its made from Biomass but they say it is not "Biofuel" because its refined in the same manner as regular diesel from crude oil. I went to my smog testing station out of curiosity and asked them to test my ED to see if it was any cleaner than regular diesel fuel. The above is what they told me.

Here s the "blurb"

– Increased power and torque
– Higher cetane than regular diesel
– Cleaner combustion and emissions

Diesel HPR meets the ASTM D975
diesel specification for use in diesel engines.
The Benefits of Diesel HPR
Fueling with Diesel HPR
Propel Diesel HPR is a premium fuel engineered to maximize performance of your clean diesel engine. Diesel HPR meets the ASTM D975 diesel specification (ULSD) for use in all diesel engines. Refined from recycled fats and oils, Diesel HPR outperforms both petroleum diesel and biodiesel in performance, emissions and value. Propel Diesel HPR does not contain biodiesel.

Performance formulated Diesel HPR has a 75 cetane rating, 40% higher than regular diesel, for smoother combustion and a better ride. Diesel HPR combusts more efficiently, which means more power and torque for your rig. And unlike biodiesel, Diesel HPR provides uncompromised cold weather performance. Diesel HPR is additized to provide excellent lubricity in all driving conditions and exceeds ULSD lubricity specification.

While Propel Diesel HPR does not contain biodiesel, it is manufactured from similar renewable biomass sources including recycled fats and oils. Refined from renewable biomass through advanced hydrotreating technology, Propel Diesel HPR meets the toughest specifications required by automotive and engine manufacturers. This allows Diesel HPR to be used by any diesel vehicle.

Air Quality and Environment
The California Air Resources Board classifies Diesel HPR, also known as renewable diesel, as an ultra-low carbon fuel. The fuel can achieve a 40-80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil diesel. In addition, Propel Diesel HPR:
- Reduces NOx emissions by 14% and particulates (PM 2.5) by 34% compared to petroleum diesel
- Is sulfur-free, aromatics-free and virtually odorless

Outperforming B20
Diesel HPR outperforms Biodiesel B20, delivering more power and lower emissions. Diesel HPR is made from 98% renewable content, while B20 biodiesel is 20% renewable and 80% petroleum. Unlike biodiesel, Diesel HPR provides uncompromised cold weather performance.
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