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Messages posted by: widowmaker
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Same as kdlewis:
I went through a period of a couple of weeks this winter that I noticed some shudder. It went away and never came back, so I am inclined to wait and see at this point.

I'm close to 150,000 miles on the stock converter today.
Lost member Widowmaker - Ecotune
To be honest, I can't remember the variables in summer and winter. The best mileage I made on that run prior to the ecotune was 26.8...and that would have been summer.
I run this particular route every other week and fill up before I leave, and then again at the end of the day before the return trip.
400 miles:
-60% Higway 70mph
-30% In town
-30% back roads 60mph

Prior to winter fuel, I was averaging 32.5 mpg
Yesterday 29.85 mpg

Location North Carolina - coastal flat lands.
Temps stayed in the 30's
I put over 1200 miles on the new Eco-tune this week with mixed highway(70%) and in town(30%) driving. In the end, I averaged 31.57 mpg, hand calculated. I drove 537 miles on one tank and still had 3+ gallons of fuel left in the tank. 600 miles to a tank is now very possible I was very pleased with the new fuel gauge calibration, and it accurately reflected the fuel left in the tank at all stages. Very pleased with the results. Thank you

Is the tipping surge that Darby mentioned more pronounced in the HotTune vs. Ecotune?
I just spent the day driving in the mountains. Although the jeep coasts more freely than before, it held it speed going down steep inclines. The ride now is far more refined and less like driving a go-cart. To quote the ripster, " I like it the way it is".
I have driven for 3 days with the new Eco-tune and love it.
29 MPG on 400 mostly in town miles...hand figured. My EVIC was showing 35.6, and I was tempted to believe it. Next week I'll spend 2 days in the mountains of W Virgina and Virgina, and 3 days at the coast of North Carolina. That will be a total of around 1300 miles of high altitude and sea level driving.

Most notably, I have enjoyed the smoothness of new tune. No more lurching forward when pulling out into traffic, just smooth acceleration. I like the new found power when heading up old familiar inclines. Add a little pedal on those hills and the engine feels like a V-8. The freed up feeling when coasting reminds me of my old buick. I bet my brake pad life will be shortened.

Within the first 50 miles of installing the computer, the red fuel light popped on and miles-to-empty on the EVIC showed 5. I believe others have had this same experience. In addition, my TPM Tire Pressure Management system flashed to check TPS and lost connection with the drivers side front wheel. After another 3 or 4 starts both these conditions went away and I did not experience any other problems. I don't know if they were related, or a coincidence, or whether my roughness with the wire harness while replacing the computer was at fault, but all is well now. One question: When I first start in the morning and back out of the garage, I notice a slight surging for that few seconds in reverse, then it goes away. Normal?

I look forward to seeing what the highway miles MPG will result in next week. I have always gotten better mileage than most, and it may be related to the fan clutch problems others have had. I have never heard my mechanical fan engage, but I do very little towing and never had problems with overheating while driving normally. I tow a 5x8 trailer for home projects and taking the kids stuff to college in the mountains. I've made 4 trips up the mountain with that trailer, and this last trip I thought to look at the temp guage after reading on the LOST forums about overheating problems. I almost messed my pants, the needle was almost pegged on the hot side. I bet it's been like that every time and I've never noticed. Ignorance is bliss.

Thank you GDE. I feel like I got more than my moneys worth. I'm left with this nagging question of why the manufacturer would not have tuned this vehicle this way in the beginning.

liberty, I'm right behind you....or ahead of you. I have 130,000 on mine and ordered the Ecotune yesterday. My wife went along with it because of the increased mpg. I forgot to mention the added HP.
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