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Messages posted by: flman
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I am glad I read this, I was beginning to believe I would need to add a lift pump, but I will keep the fuel system stock, regular filter changes, and trouble shoot when I get the P0093 DTC.
Driving my Freightliner today, now that is what I can compare the CRD to. The FL is a standard transmission, the CRD now has the same firmness in the drive line.
I like the tune so much I bought a second CRD, in a matter weeks

I like my CRD alot more with the tune.
Now that I got a second CRD, it was fun to drive but the novelty has worn off, now I go directly to the GDE tuned CRD, and let my wife drive the stocker I will be getting the tune on the new CRD shortly. The tuned one feels as if the drive shaft is connected directly to the engine, and it runs so much smoother.

Good Job GDE
Ok, turbo kit goes on my Xmas list
On the VW TID it is a butterfly built into the EGR, on when you turn the key off, vacuum closed the butterfly for smooth shut down, and to prevent a run away engine. Does the CRD EGR have this on it?
bigmaho1 wrote:lol, did you buy the one in Brooklyn? I was thinking of it for my wife but then it was gone. Got my eyes open now for a CRD within 300 miles.

NO, I bought the black one in philly on Ebay. Waiting for delivery, or I will just pick it up myself next week end. I prolly paid too much, but I liked the black

Here it is http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260474923458&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT

I maxed my bid to $12k and the last damn bidder did the same, raised the price to the max, to no ones benefit but the seller.
I just bought another 06 CRD Sport, should have it by next week. Are you going to give me a discount to flash my ecm? Another question is, if I have the dealer flash my PCM, will it effect the ECM?

Thanks Bob
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:Sorry about that, I am used to calling it an intake throttle. Since the EGR is not used with the tune, the intake throttle (EGR flow control valve) will never be used in normal operating conditions. It is not useful to choke the engine other than to drive people mad!

So, what you are saying is that the anti shudder valve is still enabled and the EGR is never enabled?
Just got mine with the ECO tune. So far so good. The engine starts much quicker then it ever has, sounds more powerful even at idle. I notice it does not smoke up the garage like it used to. The EVIC is reporting 3 more MPG, and I only drove it around locally, all the while punching the accelerator I can feel it is much more responsive and more powerful. I have never got so much gratification out of spending $550 dollars, and I got so much more power and torque, with out even getting my hands dirty. Another thing I notice is the response is instant when you press the accelerator at a cruising speed, no lag or hesitation, sort of like speeding up an electric motor with a potentiometer. The GDE is sweet
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:

The euro TC part number is: 68037142AA. It is our understanding that this converter can be ordered through a dealer or mopar online (less $$$). The converter is on back order until 13 September at this point in time.

It is pretty cheap, less then $200

I got a new scan tool, and I wanted to see how it was with CRD codes. So I unplugged the MAF and the vacuum line to the turbo. Took it for a ride, it ran a little rougher, but I could not get a CEL. Exactly what kinds of problems does this mod ignore? What can I do to get a CEL now?

I will be sending in my ECM for the ECO tune next week. But when it comes time for tranny work, it will be going back for the hot tune. At 33K I hope I dont need any tranny work for a long time.
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