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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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Send us an email about this. This forum is not regularly checked.
Certainly. Plug in the stock ecm and drive. no setup necessary.
We have one customer that made it 371,000 miles on an ecodiesel ram with our tune. There are many stock engines that blow up with low miles,a tune cannot help with this field issue. However, the GDE tune reduces the soot in the oil by about 90%, this is directionally correct for improving bearing life and other rotating components. At full load the GDE tune still keeps turbo rotational speed within Garrett limits and that seems to be the weakest point on the stock hardware. Cylinder pressures are only 10% above OEM rated, this is still fine for an engine rated to 150,000 mile design life.
Jimbo James wrote:Hey guys what to do.
Accidentally got about 4 once’s of diesel anti gel in def tank. Have not started truck.

That little amount will have no ill effect.
Bluecharm wrote:I am having the same issue. Dealer wants approximately 3000 to place it. I am definitely going to get the hot tune but my question is can I just install blocker plates on the intake and EGR, remove the tube, leave the cooler in place and reroute the coolant piping?

If the cooler is leaking, replacing or removing are the only two options that will work.
The turbo kit is listed on the website for the Ram. It will also work on the WK2, but we did not make instructions for that vehicle specifically.
The GDE tune would the the first and most effective change you can make on this truck.
Helgaiden wrote:Will there be an EcoTune coming soon as well? Something that adds more response and adjusts curves like the hot tune but tweaked more for MPG than power? If so, any ETA? Thanks!

An ECO tune version would have the same fuel economy at steady start driving. It would just have a reduced torque limit and we could slow down the pedal response a bit to maybe eek out more mpg. The HOT tune is very fuel efficient if you drive conservatively.

tenfootmc wrote:I think I saw something about a transmission tune for the EcoDiesel (GC and/or Ram), is there any additional information/timing on that? And potentially a combo discount for the Hot tune and the trans tune?

Look in the forum topic 'transmission tune'. It is a separate module in the vehicle from the engine ecm, so no combo discount.
vakeroo wrote:Sorry for the ignorance but what does the Trans Tune Dyno Cal option mean and what is the benefit of this option for the ram 1500 ecodiesel trans tune?
My intent is to get this tune but I want to be fully aware of all options and the benefits.

The trans dyno cal option is for folks wanting to test their vehicle on a chassis dyno. It will allow one to hold 5th or 6th gear to make a full pull without downshifting.
truckie453 wrote:GDE,

Just a few more questions before I purchase the tune for my Canyon. I figured it would be easier to ask here than on the other site. I would like to say first, that I am glad this has finally been released.

If the questions seem dumb, please note that this is my first diesel and my first time tuning...

1. if I were to change tire size, I assume I can contact GDE to re-calibrate the tune for a fee, what would that fee be?
2. when prepping for my state inspection, GDE mentioned that I would need to switch back to the stock tune for about 1 month, I assume that this is something that is done with the existing tools that come with the initial purchase and without the need to call GDE. is this still the case?
3. DEF would still be needed (at a slower rate than OEM). Do I need to worry about the DEF shelf life/effectiveness.

Are there any other tips to ensure the tune goes well other than following the instructions provided?

Thanks again!

1. On the website it is $25 for the tire size change.
2. Maybe a couple days back in stock for would be enough. It takes about 5 minutes to flash back to stock with the Autocal flash tool sold with the tune package.
3. If should be fine.

The instructions are critical to the install.
The GDE tune is safe to tow with as the factories safeties are still active. The ecm will defuel the engine if coolant, oil or egt approach the factory limits. We know nothing of the duramaxtuner, but their tune most likely turns off the safeties if they do not recommend towing with it.
BMW is too low volume to recoup the investment of developing a tune. We do not see this happening on our end in the near future.
Advertised engine performance gains for the Colorado/Canyon Duramax 2.8L: 40hp / 70lb-ft

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