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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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KranZ wrote:How would you know if the dealer overwrote the tune?

It will drive worse. The GDE tune can also set the cruise down to 15mph, stock minimum is 25mph.
That tool will not work with our tuning.
Effective immediately the oil pressure sensor kit can be ordered as an add-on for all Ram EcoDiesel tunes. This add-on includes the tune modifications and hardware necessary to replace the factory "dumb" oil pressure switch with an actual oil pressure sensor; this will also replace the data displayed in the instrument cluster with the real measured oil pressure instead of the modeled values used with the switch.

Installation instructions for the hardware part of the kit can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwRY3vGSprDHdERzblk3UnJVSE0/view?usp=sharing
[quote=AeroSonic]New member. I just bought a 2016 Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel primary for its balance of fuel economy, towing ability and utility as an SUV. I just found out about the GDE product, and if it will boost my fuel economy even more, I'm definitely interested, but I have a few questions.

1. I bought my Grand Cherokee on 20 Jul, and on that day there was a service bulletin # 18-078-16 telling dealers to remove the 5W-30 oil and switch it to Rotella 5W-40 and reprogram the PCM. My vehicle is covered and have an appointment to have that done. Does GDE need to change the programming of their ECM, or is it good to go as is?

2. I was also looking at installing a K&N 63-1570 air intake. Would that and the ECM help boost fuel economy or will the ECM alone do that?

3. Lastly (and this is probably discussed somewhere), what is the negative tradeoff for swapping out the ECM (other than the initial cost)? Installation voids warranty if the dealer finds out?


1. GDE updates the tune every time FCA has a software release. This is so we stay at the latest part number. Anything FCA does needs to be redone by GDE.
2. The tune will help fuel economy, but a K&N will do nothing. K&N will also lead to less turbo life as it lets larger dirt particles through the intake.
3. No warranty issue as long as you do not mention it is tuned to the dealer, they cannot detect our tune with the dealer scan tool.
ECM service update on the GDE website, $50 fee.
The dealer will not be able to tell it is tuned by GDE. However, they could over write the tune if FCA makes a new service release as this will change the part number. If this happens, GDE will reinstall the tune for $50.
I think you requested a new ecm anyway, but all the Ram ecms for 2014-2016 are exactly the same. ECMs rarely fail and I would expect the truck to rust out beforehand. We have a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on the tuning.
The cost to retune later on is the price of the added options (off-road is $100) plus a $50 reflash fee. This is accomplished with the 'ecm service update' tab on our website and you can do the mail in or ecm exchange with core deposit. Thanks, GDE
Eric DeLeon wrote:Have your worked out what the pricing will be? Will I have to buy any hardware to install it? Or will it just be a downloaded file?

Good question. We are using EFI Live and HP Tuners to flash the Colorado. I think both companies have handheld units for reasonable prices to install the GDE tune. If someone already has an EFI live system, the cost is the tune and a license fee to flash modules. We are still looking at alternative solutions for this to keep the cost down. Our goal is the offer tuning in the same price range as the other vehicle lines we are currently tuning, so 695-800 range, with the flash tool included.
The replay above is accurate. Best to leave the oil cooler alone during the warranty period and there is no cam gear slip issue in the field. GDE
The baseline fuel economy tuning is coming along well. We are planning a hot test in Arizona this summer and altitude/towing trip as well. Once the confirmatory testing is complete we expect to have engine and transmission tuning ready for the market in October time frame. We may have a few options in the transmission tuning depending on customer needs and drive cycles. The engine tuning will have an ECO version and a HOT version. We are completing the development with the HOT tune as it will cover the ECO version.
Not with a good tune. There would be no risk.
This depends on how the tuner turns off egr. We turn it off in normal driving, but still leave the surge protection active to bleed off excess boost on throttle tip outs. In this manner, this is no risk to the engine or turbo.
Yes it will pass any state emission test.
No it does not work on the Ram.
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