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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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It will depend on sales volume, but most likely yes after the first model year is completed.
We do not change the factory glow settings. At -20 F the light is one for 2-3 seconds max. At warmer temps it may only be on for 1 second or less. The plugs are still powered for the first few minutes of running even without the glow light on. The factory 7 volt ceramics are the best for cold start ability. Next would be the 5 volt Bosch metallic mopar replacements. A distant last is the etecno 7 volt or 5 volt metallic plugs. Many folks have starting issues with these plugs.
Sure. If you want it off, just let us know. At the moment, it will flag a code if the block starts pressurizing. A properly designed oil separator should still allow the engine to run under vacuum.

It is best to not go by the gauge, but rather fill it up to top each time divided by miles driven. With a properly functioning system it should burn 8 gallons or so every 10000 miles. A high flow DEF injector or a sticking one could lead to excessive DEF consumption. The injector can be removed and cleaned relatively painlessly.
plunix wrote:If I wanted to do an EGR delete, would the Offroad Tuning be the option to select for an ecu tune?

How does Offroad Tuning affect DPF and DEF function though? Will I even know if those systems are having problems if the ecu has been redesigned to disable codes relating to the exhaust aftertreatment system?

No need for the off-road option for egr delete. The base tune takes care of the egr. If you opt for the off-road option, then a straight pipe exhaust system will be required to replace the factory exhaust.
We will post everywhere when the tuning is ready. Not sure if we will do EFI live tuning or not yet. Our other system lets us changes thousands more maps in the software vs. EFI Live. EFI is a very rudimentary tuning tool and I find it does not offer much in terms of allowing a well balanced tune to be developed. It just does not have many mapped addresses, so you cant change the most important items.
We typically stay away from add-on oil separators as we are in a cold climate. Potential for CCV freezing due to extended piping in the cold is a big risk and can blow out the rear main seal leading to a huge repair bill. Considering the engine is an oil burner, we elect to turn off the egr and let the oil harmlessly blow through the engine. We open up the CCV pressure sensor tolerance a bit, but do not remove its functionality. It is still good data to ensure you are not pressurizing the block.
The GDE tune turns off the egr electronically. No other kit is needed per se, but the tune will also work the same if the egr hardware is removed.
The factory high idle is just an idle bump. The GDE high idle feature is much more involved. With the elevated rpm we are also changing the pilot injection, main timing, VGT position, swirl %, etc. to push more heat to the coolant vs. pumping that heat out the exhaust. This is the main reason we can cut the warm up time in half.
Typically when you do not want the feature on it will not be active.
This project is a bit delayed due to finding a flash tool to write files at a lower cost vs. HP Tuners or EFI Live. We are also under construction in our dyno lab, so no testing the last 2 months. We hope to have this complete in the next few months.
Just put you name in the box so we know who it is from.
Send us an email with the VIN and we can look up its service history for a GDE tune.
No change with our tuning on coolant or oil temps for the most part. These are more contingent on the cooling system design.
There are about 9 modules in the Ram, dealer can update all except the engine ecm/pcm. We sell with the latest part number release, so nothing at this time for the dealer to overwrite the GDE tune with. Worst case, if they overwrite in a year or two, we charge $50 to reinstall.
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