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Messages posted by: Lancer
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Nope, started reliably under all conditions in the 3 years I've had it.
Try http://www.vmdieselspecialist.com/. They are based in England but I know a lot of the Aussie guys go to them for the belt and parts. Remember that the KJ is called a Cherokee outside the US. Email first - they sometimes recommend that the water pump is changed at the same time as the belt. Parts are usually cheaper than from Mopar.
ok, APART from power!
Can you just remind me of the advantages of the turbo kit, and how it compares to the ecotune?
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:Lancer,

Is your CRD a 2005 or 2006? That seems a bit hot for daily drving...even in warm weather. You were very close to the thresdhold for when the mechanical fan would engage. If this happened you would be able to here an audible roar from the engine compartment as the fan is very loud. With the AC on, the electric fan is usually on low speed and with the high ambient temps it probably was on high speed due to the elevated AC head pressures.

If it happens again just keep everything on, don't turn off AC. Pull over and check the front grill area to listen for the electric fan at idle, it should be on. If not the electric fan may have an issue. Any chance you have build-up on the condensor or radiator from bugs, cottonwood, dirt or other particles? We do off-road mudding from time to time and have seen massive amount of mud and dirt collected in the cooling system on our vehicles...a good washing with the hose keeps the cooling pack clean.

Sorry - I've only just spotted this. It's a 2005. The mechanical fan wasn't on. No, there was no build up, just the usual number of bugs on the radiator grill.Thanks for the tip - if it happens again, I'll follow your advice. Unlikely now for a few months)
Lancer I'll be getting a tune once I'm working again. Not sure if I'll be going for the Eco or hot - I do fancy the new turbo
Doing it right is always preferable to doing it quick
You must get tired of hearing this, but thank you for all that you are doing for the CRD
Hi David
The tcs you refer to are in fact the same unit. The Euro tc referred to is the tc from the European - specification 2.8 diesel engine fitted to the JK Wrangler sold over here. No-one with any sense here buys a petrol-engined 4wd of any size (ie excluding cars like the Suzuki Jimny) - the fuel consumption (given our fuel prices) is just too ridiculous. The exception of course is the very expensive luxury cars like V8 Range Rovers etc.

Another option that some have followed is to fit a Suncoast tc. See the various threads on LOST with people's how-tos and views on the Suncoast unit. The "Euro tc" part number is in a reply from GDE to one of my queries in this forum and is 68037142AA.

There is, in England, an 11 day waiting period to order this tc. As I don't believe that the JK is offered in the US with a diesel engine, I don't know if it's on offer there, or if this is the same tc that's fitted to US petrol JKs with auto boxes -perhaps an enquiry of your local Mopar dealer?

I am currently out of work, but once back, and with a bit of cash built up, I believe that turbo upgrade and flash would be a good investment in the vehicle. Most CRD owners seem to be in it for the long haul! Certainly, my wife and I envisage keeping it until it is either irreparable or destroyed

Currently (and I don't yet have the GDE tune) I'm getting 28 mpg (imperial) which I think would be about 30 - 31 mpg (US). That's after I fitted new tyres - General Grabber AT2 235/70 R16. Although the same size as the Oe Goodyears they are an AT whereas the OE were more road -biased. The Grabbers are a bit heavier as well. This is only a bit less than my old Peugeot 1.8 petrol!

Once back in work and with the cash reserves built up a bit, I will go for the turbo and tune upgrade. I suspect that the improvement will be marked

One question for GDE; given that I will have to have the turbo kit fitted by someone who knows what they are doing, and I'll have to drive to that place, will I be able to fit the (upgraded) ECU and drive to the mechanic's place - which may be some distance away, or will the tune ONLY work with the turbo in place - ie will they have to be fitted at the same time?
May I ask when the new assembly you refer to came out, and should it have been fitted as a matter of course by a dealer during servicing?
Mine has always sat at one mark below middle until last week. One day we had air temp of about 30 deg C and I had the AC on. I was only driving about 5 miles to a garden shop to pick up a part for my lawn mower. Halfway back I looked at the temp gauge and it was at the 224 mark and rising! I switched ac off and it dropped to just above the centre. 4-5 hours later when I went out and switched the ignition on, the gauge read 1-2 marks off C! It is pretty flat here (South East London)!

It's been normal since then.
Thank you.
As I live in England (London to be exact), could you let me have the Mopar part numbers for the JK Euro TC components?

The reason I ask, is that in my experience of our Jeep dealers - nice guys though they are, they are rarely offroaders. A request for a JK TC to be installed into my KJ is likely to be opposed, and probably refused on the ground that it is not a factory part for the vehicle, and they are unwilling to take the risk in the event of a problem - not an unreasonable position given the various safety codes.

If I can order the part/s separately, I can get them installed by an independent Jeep mechanic.
Mmm... tiny bit too much information there
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