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Messages posted by: WXman
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The wire for "brake" is located behind the driver's kick panel (under the hood latch release) inside a white connector box. Look at the wire loom, find that little white box.. and the "brake" wire should be inside. The other connection gets spliced into the brown/white wire going into the brake pedal switch above the pedal. Then of course just run power and ground through the firewall to the battery. Bingo, you're ready to hook up your brake controller.
Can some folks running the turbo kit post some real-world fuel economy figures for us? Specifically, what I would be interested in knowing is whether you lost some MPGs or gained some MPGs after installing the kit. (Assuming normal driving style of course).
Pedals, console, etc. from a gas 6-speed KJ, and a manual tranny from a 4.7L Ram 1500 truck should do the trick, right?? The only major issue would be building a crossmember for the tranny, new driveshaft, and what to do with the signal that the CRD looks for from the TCM.
OK well I got my fan off tonight. Ended up recruiting my 35-year veteran mechanic father to help me out. Took us a solid hour at least to get the fan off. Looking forward to seeing what kind of gain it might provide.

My only concern is going to be when the weather really warms up next month and especially this Summer. And also, will this cause the electric fan to run a lot...thereby wearing out the electric fan faster. Time will answer those questions I guess...

Edit: So far the max ambient temp. has been around 70 degrees. However, my temp. guage does not go above the "half" mark...even when sitting at a stoplight. I think most Summer weather (80-90 around here) should be OK without the clutch fan. The 90+ degree days are going to be the real test.
This would be a FANTASTIC mod to the U.S. CRD. No more TC issues, better MPGs, cheaper maintenance, etc. etc.
Any update on how the Jeep is running without the mechanical fan?? I'd love to take mine off permanently and save the fuel. Not to mention allow the Jeep to run just a tad warmer. But if 80s and 90s would cook the engine this Summer...then it wouldn't be worth it of course.
I would LOVE to not be in 3rd gear at 25 MPH!! TCM control would be SO nice. The trans. is a good trans. The controller programming is junk.
I'm seeing the same results as him. EVIC is still 2 to 4 MPG optomistic at the end of a tank. On the Interstate, it's closer to 4. Around town it's closer to 2. The good news is that it seems to be consistent. So I can always look at the EVIC, subtract 3, and have a pretty good idea of what I'm really getting.

Bone stock the EVIC in mine appeared to be 1 to 2 MPG optomistic.
My drive cycle is very consistent for the most part. I have a 15 mile each way drive to work M-F. I would say it's 60% city/40% highway. Speed limit is 35-55 the entire way. On the weekends I sometimes venture into a larger city nearby. I've been averaging about 1,000 miles per month lately.

I'm doing my best to keep driving style the same with each tank, I'm logging all my mileage in a spreadsheet with details about vehicle usage and weather during each tank, and currently I'm trying different brands of diesel fuel to see if I can get past the 20 MPG mark.
Since our KJs have 4-wheel ABS...is there a specific procedure to follow when bleeding? Or do we just bleed them like we've done on cars for decades?
GDE...any updates on running without the clutch fan?? Do you think the electric fan alone would be OK in warm weather driving?
Trust me...I AM experimenting. My last tank of Flying J diesel was 19.45 MPG hand calculated. (EVIC showed 23.4 MPG this time). I'm running BP diesel this time...so far the EVIC is showing 21 MPG or so...which means realistically I'm looking at 18 MPG or thereabouts right now.

On my previous CRD that was 100% bone stock drivetrain except muffler...I NEVER saw mileage readings this low. I remember one tank of 19 MPG and that was it in the year that I had it. Otherwise I was always around 23-24 MPG with the same lift and same tires I have now.

I'm confused...

LOST member LibertyCRD. HOT tune.
Very interesting. In the testing I've done (on a 4.7L V8 engine), the #1 contributor to better fuel economy was driving style. The #2 contributor was when I removed the mechanical fan and installed an electric fan kit (Flex-A-Lite 180). Any drag and load you can remove from the engine just helps all the more. I ended up being able to pull a tank at 15.8 MPG (50/50 city/highway) in the Summer time after that mod which is very impressive for a 5,600 lb. Dodge with the V8. I have been wondering what the improvement would be doing a similar mod to the CRD. I would guess at least 2 MPG which would be significant.

With the e-fan I never overheated even in 100 degree weather towing a trailer. The benefit of better fuel economy and a slight increase in power was well worth it, as well the fact that the e-fan ran MUCH quieter. Please keep us posted on your findings with the CRD minus clutch-driven fan.
When I first got my HOT tune, I (of course) played around with it just a little bit to see if the shudder would be there. And it was bad, as I noted. But I do not drive that way normally. My normal driving style now is VERY conservative. So conservative that people behind me get upset leaving from red lights and slowing down to red lights. I stay inside the speed limit. I don't idle for extended periods. Like I said, I've been doing real world study in the fuel economy area for a few years trying to learn what really helps and hurts in the real world and obviously driving style is the main contributor.

I'm currently running a "fresh" tank of Flying J truckstop diesel...and I've been slightly more highway than city on this tank up to this point...and my economy is even lower right now than it was with the Walmart diesel I had been using. Interesting...

I agree the AT tires don't help economy. But the grip in Winter weather is well worth the tradeoff. On my previous CRD...I lost 2 MPG with these same tires. I'm assuming the loss will the the same with this CRD. The weather has been colder and snowier than usual this year in Kentucky also. I'm really hoping to start seeing mid-20 MPG figures once the weather breaks finally.
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