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Messages posted by: bardwell02
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Thanks for the response. I had definitely considered the idea of forcing the issue, if the trans acts up while still under warranty. Gotta find a dealer here though which hasn't gone well. Don't want to destroy it though like I said above this is the orignal pump. So would Hot tune be the ticket then? Instant shudder? And that shudder will easily lead a tech to replace TC/pump? Hypothetically.

I would like the extra torque under lockup that the Hot tune has, I think on the flat this could pull my 5000#, locked in 5th. Afraid to try that now.
Hey guys I'm going to borrow this thread as I'm kind of in the same boat. Original owner of an early 2005 CRD. Up until last month was convinced it had to go at 70k miles (65k now) since I haven't found a dealer here in Dallas I trust. But the $50k for the Touareg TDI to go with my wife's new Jetta TDI was too much, the CRD's been paid off for a year so... thinking I'll keep it for now.

I've been towing a 5000 lb. boat with this since new; mostly I leave OD off and set cruise at 60. This is only 5-6 times a year (god how much is that boat payment?). Never tried any kind of grades I'm a flatlander. As far as 'shudder' well one time with my old man's little center console in OD, maybe. But no other trans issues. Overall I've been pretty lucky I think. As a long time LOST watcher, recently did the airbox mod and unplugged my MAF sensor (ORM). I miss laying down smoke screens but wow it runs great. Provent, lift pump, and exhaust are all on the list now, and of course the GDE tune. Which sort of leads me to my question.

I have the replacement F37 TC, and no they did not replace the pump. Getting ready to have the trans serviced for the first time (62.5k). My concern is that, since I've had no issues, if I have the GDE tune, and I going to kill it? I've seen where people have used trans shudder (don't have it) or rear main seal leak (don't have it) to get a warranty replacement of the TC, but If I go in with my perfectly functional trans, oh well. So assuming I can't arrange a warranty replacement, should I try the ECO tune? It's got plenty of power for my daily crawl, it's just the towing where I'd like as much torque as possible. If I did the ECO tune and it started shuddering, is it fairly transparent re: the dealer won't know it's been modified? Last resort, I do have a trustworthy trans shop lined up here, curious whether, if I'm paying the bill, a Suncoast TC is a better bet than the Euro TC?

Thanks everyone for their help and advice; I really like this truck, 3 years ago we all thought we'd be driving diesel 1/2 ton pickups by now but you see how that worked out, right? (BTW, if you do serious towing with one of these, Curt Mfg D-26 ball mount is perfect - 12.5 inches long, just clears the spare in the flipped positon, which is 3/4" up and pretty level with my 500+ lb. tongue weight.)

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