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FCA EcoDiesel 3.0L V6 Tune Details

FCA EcoDiesel 3.0L V6 Tune Details

Engine Output Comparison

Production Hot Tune
240hp @ 3600rpm 1,2
220hp @ 3600rpm 3
248hp @ 3300-3600rpm 3
( > 230hp @ 2900-4100rpm 3)
420lb-ft @ 2000rpm 1,2
365lb-ft @ 2500rpm 3
420lb-ft @ 2700rpm 3
( > 400lb-ft @ 2000-3250rpm 3)

1 = Manufacturer declared flywheel power
2 = OEM declared output is only available for 90s; then a lower continuous output is available
3 = GDE measured rear-wheel engine output

As indicated above, the Green Diesel tune achieves a broad gain over the torque curve giving the driver a huge improvement in the drivability and "seat of the pants" feeling of the vehicle. Since the transmission is downshifting before peak-torque is reached when engine speeds are below 2300rpm, the gains in this area are not as important to the customer compared to the higher engine speeds.

Also, the max power of the engine is achieved as soon as possible with the hot tune and maintained over a plateau as wide as possible (roughly 300rpm). This gives a noticeable gain in the performance feeling of the engine while accelerating.

Benefits and Features of the GDE tunes for the EcoDiesel V6s (Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee)
  • GDE Combustion Concepts
    • Optimized fuel economy (3-5mpg* improvement) both while driving and at idle
    • Engine longevity increased
    • Transient management of injection timing to reduce combustion noise
  • Better transient engine performance
    • Faster time-to-torque giving elevated customer confidence in the driving experience
    • Required accelerator pedal effort to hold constant speeds is reduced
    • Engine performance is improved over stock from sea level to 12000ft elevation
    • At 5000ft, 0-60mph is 1.5s faster; at 9000ft, 0-60mph is 0.75s faster
  • Refined cruise control operation (only for vehicles without adaptive cruise control)
    • Retuned speed control for improved fuel economy
    • Better gear holding during accelerations and uphill driving
    • Lower possible set speed (15mph instead of 25mph, can resume from 5mph)
    • Faster buttons' response
  • Superior management of grille shutters
    • Shutters will now function in cold ambient temperatures for better warmup performance
    • More expansive criteria for closing the shutters
  • Improved operation of three-way coolant valve to give engine warm-up benefits
  • Two-footing driving is now permissible
  • Eliminated high pressure pump noise for MY15 and newer vehicles
    • Also applicable to MY14 vehicles that have been recently re-flashed
  • More intuitive driver indications
    • "Engine Power Reduced" warning for hot oil temps activated at lower temp
    • Glow plugs indicator will be displayed only when glow plugs are actually on
  • Improved cooling fan control
    • Fan will now run for a certain amount of time after shut-down to cool down the engine and exhaust system
    • Activates if either the regen is still active when the engine is shut off, or if the exhaust temps are above a prescribed limit
    • Earlier activation based on coolant temp while driving to keep engine and oil cooler
  • Inducement improvements: torque limitation instead of no-start, activates after one key cycle instead of immediately.
  • Disabled low voltage charging mode in order to properly drive electrical accessories in all conditions

Tune Options
  • Engine Performance Curve
    • Eco vs Hot tune (Hot tune has higher full-load output, higher allowable exhaust temps)
  • Engine braking while coasting
  • "Regeneration in progress" message activated for all regenerations
  • Custom requests!