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Messages posted by: linewarbr
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Hey GDE,

I was one of the first to get the Eco-Tune for my KJ back in 2008 or so when you guys started up. Ended up getting the TCM tune too and was a very satisfied customer. (Of course, it didn't hurt that I was in the right place at the right time to jump on your introductory offers! ) Well, I sold the old girl a few years back to a guy who basically wanted it because of all the mods I had gotten for it, specifically you guys' tunings and the Euro TC. I hope he and the Lib are happy - but I digress. . .

Picked up an 07 WK CRD in December and it's my daily driver now. I'm pretty out of the loop on what's available for the rig to improve the "GDE Combo" of performance, economy, and longevity. Based on what I can tell, known issues are EGR (though not as serious as the KJ's), the "swirl motor" that apparently helps warmup, and the lost fuel economy associated with the DPF. (The DPF smells like burnt plastic or rubber when it does it's regen cycle. Thing stinks.) Am I missing anything?

Since your website is still operational, I'm assuming you guys are still in business. Can you help me with a game plan of what I should do to my rig? I'm guessing Eco-Tune and a DPF delete? That presents some questions - i.e., integration of the Eco Tune and the tuning for the DPF delete, etc.

Keith, I would have emailed you directly but don't have your address anymore.
Any chance you guys may be able to crack the TCM code for customized transmission settings? Is it even feasible to do that?
Thanks for the help. Talked with a guy at Aamco who thinks it could be something as simple as the anti-drainback valve in my spin-on malfunctioning. Since this only occasional, I'm going to keep going with it until you guys can offer a 6-speed manual conversion. . . .

Seriously though. . . do you guys think you will ever be able to offer a manual-tranny conversion kit?
I need to add another symptom: In normal driving, after I come to a complete stop then let off the brake to start accelerating again, there is a clunk in the drivetrain somewhere. I feel it more than hear it. It is more pronounced if I have to stop suddenly, then immediately let my foot off the brake after coming to a complete stop. Is this maybe the springs in my TC bottoming out? I have never noticed "shudder" before.

I appreciate you guys making yourselves available to us to ask you questions, I know you don't have to do this.
If I am going to replace the TC, should I go ahead and replace the pump as well?

Also, I guess if a new TC is in my future, then upgrading to the HOT tune is too. . .
Hey, hoping for a little help from you guys that have torn these little beasts apart and put them back together. I've been experiencing some transmission weirdness, and I think I may know what the problem is but I want to see if you guys can chime in.

I made this first post on LOSTJeeps on 2/9/10:

I was in the drive-thru at McDonalds, with the Jeep in gear and my foot on the brake. Jeep was not yet up to operating temperature, temp gauge was about 1/5 up. As I let off the brake I heard/ felt a pop, and the Jeep seemed to not want to accelerate as normal, like it took a lot more pedal to make it go.

I immediately shifted into neutral, and only shifted to drive when I needed to pull forward to the pick-up window. No CEL at this point. I idle it over to a parking spot, put it in park and set the e-brake and turn it off. First I look closely for fluid leaks both under the Jeep, and in the drive-thru lane, (love having a diesel at this point, because you KNOW diesel oil when you see it on the ground - and trans fluid is red) and see nothing - skid plates are both dry. Open the hood, and the trans dipstick is sticking out about 2 inches.

I push the dipstick back in, go back in the Jeep and hook up my code scanner to find "P0841 Trans Fluid Pressure Switch." I clear the code, start the Jeep back up, and it drives normal back to my office .36 miles away.

I'm thinking that the pop I heard was the trans dipstick hitting the underside of the hood, but I'm unsure what would cause this - maybe a clogged breather? Last week I checked the fluid and it seemed slightly on the low side, so I added ~1/4 quart of fluid, not a whole lot. It is colder today than it has been, but not yet cold enough to fire up the viscous heater. (Correction, I think the VH may have been operating)

Then, I updated the thread with this today 3/1/10:

So, it happened again today but this time the engine stalled and quit. I was in the drive-thru of a restaurant, not up to operating temp yet, idling in gear, and I noticed that when I let off the brake, it didn't feel as "ready-to-go" as usual. I get my food and pull out (luckily not on to a busy street) and when I let off the accelerator for the upcoming stop sign, it starts bucking and then stalls out - it startled me, I thought it was going to explode or something. Opened the hood, trans dipstick was still in place. Checked it with my scanner, no codes. After a few minutes I crossed my fingers and tried starting her - started right up, no problems. Didn't stall when I shifted back into Drive - she acted like nothing happened.

I have just over 69k miles, 45k of those are mine. I know the fluid level is now correct after the above posts. This only seems to happen under these conditions - not up to operating temp, extended time of idling in gear.

Any ideas of anything I can do to better diagnose what is causing this?

The thread on LOST is here: http://www.lostjeeps.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=50040

No, I stay as far away from the dealer as possible.

I got the tune when you did your "special" initial offering, back in June. Did that tune have it?

I'm thinking about sending it to you for an update anyway, to correct the fuel gauge.
LOST Lifer linewarbr rollin dizeep wit dat ECO tune main.

(Dere you go geist, got the hip-hop in there for you. )
I got the ECO tune back in June. My CRD does not jump to 1000 rpm when I start it, it goes directly to ~750. Do I need to get my tune updated?
95BadBoy wrote:Linewarbr - what kind of mileage drop did you see when you upsized your tires ? Did you go to the 245/75's ?

I don't know honestly, as I was depending on the EVIC before I got the tires. I already had the A/T's when I got the GDE Tune. I'm running Firestone Destination A/T 245/70/16's, which is only about a half-inch taller, but 20 mm wider and roughly 6 lbs heavier per tire than stock. More contact patch = less mileage. (but more grip )

I was getting an overall average of about 23.5 mpg before GDE, and am now averaging around 26.9 mpg.
Oh wow, I feel funny - like when I used to climb the ropes in gym class. . .
Ahhh, the mind control device is nearing completion. . . .
Will the reflash be included in the cost of the kit? Do you have any estimates on overall price yet?
Hmmm, so I guess I need to get a new exhaust pretty soon. . . .
Are you guys working on acquiring the Euro torque converter from the new VMM 2.8? I read that somewhere on the L.O.S.T. Forum but wasn't sure if you guys were the ones doing it or no.

Oh, and: GO BIG BLUE! As long as they don't play my Tigers. 50 days till College Football!
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