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Messages posted by: zoom_camper
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Looking at Eco Tune but I have questions, I tried to review all of the site and forums here and hope that I didn't aska question that was not already addressed.

After I replaced the fuel filter housing the “shutter” disappeared, so I’m thinking it was not the TC but air in the fuel as the cause. I was able to tow my trailer over the weekend and at no time did I have any shutter.

The F37 recall did replace the original TC and detune the engine on most models but the front pump and some internal parts were also on the list depending on build dates. My build date (June 9th 2005) only had the TC replaced and the engine detune that is why the shift points did not change. Sound like D-C was cleaning out their warehouse of spare parts when they built these units for the US market.

The service work order paperwork shows the CRD was kept for a day and a half for the F37, while the ball joint was less than a day, confused. The TC was replace and the fluid/filters. No part number on the TC it was a “F37 KIT”.
When I bought my CRD part of the purchase agreement was that it was able to pull my trailer. Part of my test drive included my 18’ camper in-tow; happily it did as well as the ’98 Tahoe. And got twice the mileage while towing, since the F37 I wish I had my Tahoe back.

Questions I have:
1. I live about 2 hours from Wixom and go there on business trips; can I bring my CRD in for the program modification? How long does the reprogram take?
2. Is the difference between ECO Tune and ECO Tune w/Full Torque: Eco Tune does not have the notes l 335 ft-lb available (at 1800 RPM) in overdrive(s) as where the Full torque tune does?
3. Do all of the fault or CHECK ENGINE codes for trouble shooting work? The EGR valve I believe does not work as you explained.
4. Do you need to install an Exhaust Gas Temperature gage with the ECO tune? I would like to have one but do not know where to place the sensor (how close to the turbo) or can it be placed in the exhaust pipe leading away from the turbo.
5. Will the re-tune shorten engine life? My expatiation is at least 300,000 miles before a rebuild is necessary.
6. Will the ECO tune allow the CRD to maintain speed (60 MPH) while towing on the Ohio turnpike (West side of Ohio in the flatland) without the transmission downshifting when passed by a semi? (engine runs at 3100 RPM when transmission downshifts to maintain speed and temperature goes up) On overpasses the rig slows down 5+ mph as if the engine is overloaded, and then downshifts. (cruise control is on, oh no shutter)
7. While towing; can I run the air conditioning without overheating? Gauge shows up to 3 bars past the middle with the A/C running. Without the A/C running it’s at the middle. I know there was TSB on this, but I do not believe my dealer re-flashed the temperature gage.
8. As a last resort will this program work with lower gears like 4.1:1? (As I am considering changing them to have more power to pull my 18’ 3,022# camper, gross weight is just under 4100# loaded (truck scale), the Jeep has 3 people and no luggage weight).

Thanks for the information! Since new my CRD has always gone into 5th lock-up at 59MPH, it will hold this until speed gets down to 56MPH and still does. I was under the under the understanding that the TC and the front pump were to be replaced with the F37 recall.

It sound like the only thing the dealer did was to put a sticker on the radiator support, keeping the F37 kit (TC and front pump) they had and charged Jeep for the repair. Maybe I'm lucky.

What is the differnece between the ECO tune and the Inmotion's ECM tune other than 3 hp, 6 ft-lbs torque, and a $100 cost difference?
Is there any way to tell if the transmission was removed for the F37 recall. After ready several on-line forms, most people's statedthat their crd's shift points changed, mine did not. I also got the jeep back the day I took it in before the end of the day; the under hood F37 sticker has a hand written note: PCM flash update, and date. I am wondering if they actual did the work?

When I was younger and making hotrods, sometime it took all day if not overnight to change-out a tranny. But we didn't really have the correct tools, just strong muscles.

I just know that on a grade my jeep downshifts where it didn't before and the temp gage goes up past the middle. Funny a gage without numbers really isn't a gage but a fancy idiot light thank for posting numbers at least I have some idea now!
New here. Have 2005 CRD with F37 recall and now have the TC shutter. I am looking to modifiy my ecm to replace the loss of torque and I came across GDE website. After reading forms here, looks like I need a new TC. Would like to get the ECO tune with unlimited torque. I have many questions. But not today.

I pull an 18' travel trailer that weight in close to 4400# loaded GVWR is 4800#, and 56 sq-ft frontal area. Now my libby works hard pulling our trailer (after F37 my libby didn't pull as well).

I just replaced my fuel filter housing tonight. Local dealer is less than an expert on the CRD as they haven't sold many. I bought my CRD from a dealer that was well versed in the CRD but now they are too far away for service.
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