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Messages posted by: LOSTCRD
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With 16 runs on that tank of Diesel, I still got 20.15mpg with a lot of rain driving in 4x4 also.
I wonder what the new Turbo Replacement numbers would be?

I actually think the slightly taller tires helped a bit since it still felt like it runs out of wind after 3/4 track...the aero shape just does not lend itself to top end speeds.
2006 CRD with GDE "HOT" Tune, F37 with crappy stock TC, OME lift with 30" tires

4775# with driver, 67 degrees, 89% humidity, 29.60" barometer

Reaction time: .1780 -- .1078 -- .0371 -- .4064
60 ft : 2.2884 -- 2.2240 -- 2.2577 -- 2.2708
1/8 mile : 10.5125/64.62 -- 10.3982/64.80 -- 10.5200/63.98 -- 10.4642/64.74
1/4 mile : 16.6148/80.36 -- 16.4628/80.80 -- 16.7034/79.37 -- 16.5615/80.60
Just got a 100% highway mpg at 1785rpm ~60mpg of 37.5mpg. This was a 100 mile run. I also am getting a more consistent 23+mpg 100% city (stop n' go). This is with winter fuel and temps from 32 degrees to 55 degrees (that is South Texas winter temps...lol).
I believe that only your TCM (Transmission Control Module) would have possibly been "reflashed". I do not think that it would affect your ECM (Engine Control Module). How does it drive? How is the mileage after the new parts?
Found out that my CAC Hose (Intercooler to EGR/Engine Block) was split about 5 " along the bottom near the EGR. I am sure that it was leaking for a bit before it finally blew. Replaced and I expect MPG to get better in city driving.
That is good to hear about the extensive testing. The bridge area in question...problem caused by heat or pressure? I wonder if some kind of "coating" would remedy the problem? When I raced for Mazda, I experimented with many ceramic, thermal, slick, heat dissapating permanent coatings with some great success. I would love to get a spare head and try some stuff!!!
So, if at idle we are running pressures of say 40bar (600psi), what kind of pressures are we running at WOT with the HOT Tune? Maybe the 40bar is high at idle...but that is just an example. I know that diesel is a slower buring fuel than say petrol (Otto cyle engines) and that limits rpms in a inline 4 like the R28, I was just concerned about a post highlighting a weak point in our block near a port area.
Pertaining to 1)Boost 2)HP 3)Torque

What are the safe limits when it comes to these parameters? I know the Aluminum Head creates some limits...I think you have mentioned possible cracks in the block at the ports at some point...Just would like to know the 99% safe limits.
Any good shop should be able to carry out the fix.
149 miles from San Antonio to Austin and back to San Antonio. 120 pure highway...33.22 mpg overall.

I had no shudder previous to the HOT Tune. Once I got the Hot Tune I finally felt what everyone was talking about. I could get it when punching the go pedal at speeds 40-50 or so. I added one tube of Dr. Tranny and it did lessen the amount and frequency...but did not eliminate it all together. I waited two weeks and added a second tube...no shudder so far...amazing stuff IMO.
IMO, I expected the HOT Tune to give a bit less mpg just by the nature of making more power at similiar rpm ranges. On the highway when cruising, I can get about what others with just the ECO Tune get...but...in the city driving I seem to get less even when taking it pretty easy. I still get better than stock and can get ~25mpg city which I could not get with the factory ECU. I have the OME lift...a bit bigger tire setup (235/75/16) and am very happy with the new HOT Tune.
Honestly, I don't know how accurate the EVIC is in general...when you are putting it against hand calculations. You would really need to run thru about 10 good fillups (200 or so gallons) and then compare results to get a good idea IMO.
LOST Member DarbyWalters...GDE Hot Tune
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