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Messages posted by: LOSTCRD
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Mine has a bit of that runaway feel also...seems to happen when going about 40 mph +/- 5mph which is right in the bigger torque curve according to the chart under FAQ. It will actually "go" for near a second...just under. Just the other day I was making a left turn and gave it the go pedal...when I lifted I was still shooting across the road...more than just coasting IMO. Once it loads up on fuel and boost, it is like it needs to finish that last "gulp".
I think having the SEGR might also magnify the characteristic...since it does not let the EGR open at all when in any gear.
Took in fairly easy on this last fillup AND tried to take the highway instead of city streets to and from work....26.55mpg...so it can be done.

***I also added one tube of Dr. Tranny to fight the dreaded shudder***
Update: ECO HOT

Mileage in city/stop n' go varies by quite a bit depending on driving style. If you drive in without regard to ultimate mpg, you will get about 5-10% better than stock. I think if you want the ultimate mpg, you need to stick with the straight ECO Tune.

Even with just 5-10% increase in mpg, the driveability alone makes this tune worth the $$$.

As for highway mpg...I would venture an educated guess (based on personl experience and the charts on hp/torque provided by GDE in a post) that highway MPG would be very close with either ECO or ECO HOT. Definitely 30+ with constant speeds at the rpm ranges from 1700-2000.

I can easily get tranny shudder with the ECO HOT Tune on a stock TC.
When tipping out of the go pedal at slower speeds in lower gears (1 & 2)...it does take a little getting used to the forward surge feel. Once you are accustom to that characteristic, all seems good.
Are there any issues with unplugging the Bosch Plug and running with the Glow Plugs disabled? I know there would be a CEL but would this ultimately be the safest in the long run...since it might be hard to get "engines" in the future. If it is a possiblility, could you flash the ECU so that it does not throw the CEL?

From my post over at LOST:

I have only had the tune for about 10 days or so but here goes.

Mileage: If you drive conservatively, you will get some great numbers...about 24-25 city/mixes and around 30-32 highway 1800-2000rpm

Mileage: If you take advantage of the "HOT", your mileage will return to about stock but with more power...so it is to be expected. In all fairness, it is still maybe better than stock by about 5%

Driveability: It is much more responsive...better feel from the "Go Pedal". It is not a quantum leap in acceleration but it definitely is faster and smoother. It pulls stong over a greater range of rpm and turbo lag is almost non-exisitent. When using "cruise control", not only is the highway mileage better but it shows less "want" to downshift.

Other Things:
1) The temp guage seems to be reading "slightly" cooler than previous and I already had the SEGR.
2) Tip Out of the "Go Pedal" at lower speeds while the tranny is still in the lower gear range takes a bit of getting used to...it seems to keep power on for a split second...especially noticeable in parking lot manuvers.
3) Probably related to #2...it seems that the CRD Coasts a bit easier...no clunking of the drivetrain when you lift like before.
4) Engine noise at idle is more pronounced than stock...but about the same as a SEGR.
5) The turbo whine seems to be more than stock but less than SEGR alone...not sure but seems that way.

Overall: Much better CRD than stock...Better MPGs than stock if you can resist the urge to "floor it"...Even better driveablity than just the SEGR or Unplugged MAF Sensor.

It seems like GDE has tried to duplicate the characteristics of the newer Piezo Injectors with the tuning of the Pilot Injectors with the Fuel Injectors. Better fuel management has definitely improved the CRD.

If you can not keep your foot "out of it", go for the straight "ECO" and forget the "HOT"...
City MPGs have gone from just under/right at 20mpg...to 23mpg+

Highwat MPGs tested today...31.42mpg

If I were just getting better MPGs, I would be happy...but then add in the better performance...and I am very happy.

Gonna keep my final thoughts open until I get a few more miles on the GDE Hot Tune
Does this tune do what the F37 was trying to do to save the TC but in a much better way? It seems like it has a bit of the same approach but with some power and driveability improvements.

I am still pre F37 with no TC issues at 67,000 miles.
Any issues with a 1752 not being able to bleed off boost over 3300 rpm or so? Maybe with a low RPM diesel like ours it would not present a problem.

As for intercooler, I would like one that helped fuel mileage and protected hardware first and foremost...but then again, power is always fun. I really wish there were a way to relocate it so the mechanical fan could be removed safely.

I really like the approach you are taking in improving the performance in our little trucks while paying attention to mechanical limits. I am looking forward to a "turbo resizing" that better fits this VM 2.8L and reduces turbo lag. I am still using the stock TC at 67000 miles without any issues but will be reasy to upgrade to the KK/JK Euro TC when it becomes available.

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