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Messages posted by: stoutdog
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I'm running the Stock TC, with no plans to change... Too much money to buy a new TC and pay for the labor, especially when the Eco tune causes zero shudder.

P.S. Sorry for the weird double post.
AZCRDGuy wrote:How long have the new harness and separator assembly been available?

Curious to know if my CRD already has them. Are they labeled with the part numbers you mention below?

Don't know how long, but there's any easy way to check for the new wiring harness. It should be obviously spliced in and have a blue connector (I think the original was black). The connector should also be about as wide as the one next to it, whereas the original was about 1/2 the width.
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:We would appreciate any feedback from customers that have been tracking their fuel economy during the last few month. Before tune numbers and after tune numbers along with driving conditions would be fantastic. Some customers have noticed the annual drop in fuel economy with the winter season. This is due mainly to the fuel blending of diesel and partially due to colder ambient temps. A 10% drop is fairly typical going from summer to winter.





Hope that helps. Let me know if you want more details! I will be back in AZ next week and will reinstall my ECU (with the latest update). I'll be sure to report on what, if any, gains I see from this latest version! Thanks!

ECO Tune!

Thanks, that's exactly what I figured. A lift pump doesn't solve air in the fuel issues, it just may make them less readily apparent. The solution is to fix the leak, not pump the fuel harder.

Thanks, what about the lift pump?

Fyi, I just got a hand-calculated mpg of 25.4 in town on your tune! This was with 117 miles of in town (80% 35-45mph) driving pre-tune and after having the CRD sit for 10 weeks with a tank of B5 festering away - plus three trips to a mechanic for various fuel changes and who knows how much idling around.

Approximating a pre-tune mpg of ca. 19-20, this means I got around 27-28 mpg around town with your Eco tune on a tank of old (and not high quality to begin with) bio!

Thanks so freaking much for all you guys do!
What are y'alls opinions on installing a fuel cooler and/or lift pump. Are either necessary with your ECO tune? Without it? If it helps, my CRD is 99% a DD vehicle.

I have yet to experience air in the fuel problems and am under the impression that the factory injectors are intended to work without a lift pump. The problems I've heard about seem to arise only if you have a weakened vacuum seal or "O" ring. Your thoughts?

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