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Messages posted by: dgeist
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Eco tune with stock TC for over 6 months and no ill effects (haven't ever noticed any shudder).
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:A couple days ago we released a slight change to the EVIC calibration. The slope was reduced by about 8%. The effects vary based on driving condition. Here are the limited results we have thus far. In highway cruising the EVIC was reading about 1.5mpg high and in city driving it was reading about 1.0 mpg low, so the end result with mixed driving should be more accurate than stock.

I think I was the recipient of one of the first programs after you made that change. The EVIC output looks to be a few ticks higher than what I had been hand-calculating, so that would be consistent with the numbers that others are posting. I'll report back once I have a full tank of fuel with the E-T and some more highway driving for data points.

Things I've noticed in the 5 days and 1/2 tank of fuel I've used with the Eco-Tune so far:

- The pedal feel is definitely more progressive. It's a little less responsive at low levels, but more predictable across the entire range. It took a few days, but now that I'm used to I like it.
- The engine seems to just be more "calm" at slow speeds. I know the RPM -> speed is basically fixed for a given gear, but it feels like its working less. Perhaps due to more efficient burn...
- The EVIC is showing 3-4 mpg higher than it would be before the tune with the same driving style and conditions. We'll see how the highway mileage goes after I make a long trip over the holiday weekend with a complete tank of fuel.
- Accurate display on the fuel gauge is freaking me out a little It's been at 1/4 tank or lower for 2 days now and I haven't seen it suddenly drop to nothing and trigger the low fuel light like the old non-linear behavior. That's really odd, but welcome.

I haven't really tried doing the "pedal to the metal" test since I'm nursing a slow leak in one tire and don't want to tempt fate, but I'll report more information as it becomes available. So far all good things and nothing bad.

Dgeist in the hisau....hizau...house (hip-hop and I don't get along).
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:We tried to adjust the curve that controls the instantaneous fuel economy, but there are several inaccuracies in the lower end of the fueling curve. With the GDE tune less fuel is used and it operates more at the lower end of the inaccurate fueling curve, thus making the EVIC read slightly higher fuel economy. The software is very limited here.

So, to summarize, you tried to do some adjustments within the limits of the EVIC's API, but since it's limited, it's still not quite accurate, but better than if you would have not tried at all?

Based on several reviews, the factory EVIC computer seems to be even LESS accurate after a GDE tune.

With my current tire diameter, etc. , my factory stock EVIC odo setting is pretty close to accurate and I'd like to keep it that way if/when I do the GDE tune. I have to assume that it's calculating MPG from some internal formula in conjunction with some ODB or internal proprietary bus value related to injector firing or fuel-pump sensor foo. Has any work been done related to keeping the EVIC accuracy at least as good as stock (assuming it's something that CAN be altered)?

LOSTCRD wrote:Any issues with a 1752 not being able to bleed off boost over 3300 rpm or so? Maybe with a low RPM diesel like ours it would not present a problem.

As for intercooler, I would like one that helped fuel mileage and protected hardware first and foremost...but then again, power is always fun. I really wish there were a way to relocate it so the mechanical fan could be removed safely.

I would echo the same requirements for a intercooler/turbo (or for any mod for that matter). It can't decrease the milage or reliability or many would scoff. I think most CRD owners are in it for the long haul, otherwise we'd drive cummins B-series diesels and mod the poo out of them... Is the expectation that with the advantages this Garrett unit offers you would actually be able to get all three in the base package (similar durability/longevity to stock, no decrease in milage, increase in power/torque)?

GreenDieselEngineering wrote:The SEGR will not add any value over and above the GDE tune. No need to install it if you are planning on the tune.

One comment here (and it has nothing to do with the GDE tune). If you leave the EGR closed you don't ever have to worry about premature failure...
So, I know there are some folks out there running a system called the "Synthetic EGR" that keeps the EGR valve closed on their CRDs and reports back valid signal levels to the ECU to avoid error codes and automatic detune behavior. I know that the GDE tune (mostly) has the same effect on the behavior of the EGR, but if someone wants to leave the SEGR in place (such as if they think their EGR is probably dead and caked over with soot by now...) what is the impact/interaction with the GDE tune?

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