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Messages posted by: CRD Joe
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GreenDieselEngineering wrote:This can be attributed to how the raw accelerator pedal position is filtered. We made changes to this logic so that on a tip-out maneuver, the filtering lasts longer so that, even though you removed your foot from the pedal, it still injects a very small amount of fuel for a slightly longer duration of time. We also made changes to the driveability governors that allow for an improved coasting performance.

Damn, you guys sound way to smart for your own good!

Im guessing that Ill be sending my CPU to you for a flash for my CRD equiped Suncoast TC.
Thanks for that question AC. Im curious about that too.
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:The first unit we pushed through to get the testing started, the second build we will take pictures and give detailed instructions for assembly. For sure, the kit will contain all hardware/software necessary for the retrofit. The intercooler on the KJ is respectable, we may test some alternatives if packaging is feasible. Would you prefer an intercooler tuned for peak power or peak fuel economy?

We appreciate the interest.


Dang it, as much as I dig the power, fuel economy im guessing.
Thanks. I plan on it.
GDE, I havent installed my SEGR yet. Do I really need to with your flash? I DONT WANT THE DAMN THING OPERATING!
Admin wrote:We are currently working on a "hot tune" for owners of after-market torque converters. This should be available within a month. The hot tune only changes the WOT performance and will still have the same fuel economy benefits as the standard tune in normal driving conditions. The hot tune will have slightly more smoke under heavy accelerations.

Do you normally drive for fuel economy or for the performance pleasure? Have you experienced "shudder" with the Inmotion tune and Suncoast TC? We are not sure if Suncoast increased the damper springrates as this is the main issue with the stock converter.

hello, I normally drive for MPG. Although I love the performance when needed. I like that my truck with torque over every mountain pass at 1750 RPM at 58 mph and NOT shift out of 5th!!!

Ive not noticed any shudder anytime anywhere.
Looking forward to more products from you guys as well.
Im getting as high as 38mpg with my Inmotion. I might just wait until the turbo kit is out as there will be a computer flash necessary with the kit.
Im definitely interested.
Thanks for the forum guys. Im going to be buggin you about stuff before I decide to change from Inmotion to you guys.

Hello, Im big into vehicle modification. Im interested in this trubo upgrade. Maybe a little explanation as to what will be included/involved in the retrofit.

Thank you.

P.S., any thoughts of offering an aftermarket intercooler at the same time?
Hello, I guess Ill be the first to start posting threads in this forum. I have a 2005 CRD that already has a Suncoast TC and a Transco shift kit. My truck is also Inmotion stage two tuned. I like the idea of your tune because of the increaded fuel economy people are reporting. Im not sure I want to lose any power. Also because I ALWAYS cruise at 60mph (1750 RPM) I want a good solid lock up and no variance at those rpms. I drive there for the mileage. Ive gotten as high as 38mpg doing that.

Ive heard you guys have a European TC tune that has more power. Is that the case and if so would you consider doing that for me?

Thank you.
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