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Messages posted by: flman
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I use the Innova 3160, it reads the engine codes, some times I have to try a few times, it reads the ABS system as well.
I know this is not my dept. I know most of you wish you could crack the code on the TCM. Well, alot of companies make devices that fool the computer into thinking every thing is OK. Such as boost foolers, and even our own SEGR was an EGR signal fooler. Just seems that would be a cheaper way to go, rather then reprogramming the code on the TCM. Just one of those thoughts I dreamt up today. Does any way know exactly how the TCM works, and what kind of signals it is looking for?

Just push that little ESP button on the steering column, and the traction control icon will illuminate, indicating that it is off.
Good luck with that new Turbo kit. I hope you are enjoying it
Dave wrote:Thanks for the link. I would like to post on that forum, but I'm outside, looking in. I forgot my user name and password and can't create a new one because my email address is "already in use". And, I can't get any response from the moderator...oh well.

Ultimately, I think the OEM tstat mod would be the best way to go. My $30 mod seems to be working, and I'm sure I'm getting a significant mpg increase. I don't know how much yet due to little travel and too many variables. I will be taking a trip to my cottage (300 mile round trip) next week, which will be good for data.

Thanks again.

Do you remember any specific wording you have used in a post? Maybe you could search the phrase? Or you can just go to Google or Yahoo and get a second email address?
Dave wrote:Thanks GDE,

I picked up another stat and will try drilling just one 1/8" hole, and install it tomorrow.

Once I get my mods done, I'll give you a call to set up an appointment for the flash. Does the no limit Ecotune offer any efficiency advantage over the regular Ecotune? I haven't decided if I want to change out the TC.


I will be watching to see how this goes for you? I would think the inline tstat is causing more heat at the OE tstat, causing it to open more then usual? Why did you have to drill all those holes? Does the tstat really seal itself that tight, that it would not be able to allow leakage?
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:We will check that out this morning, is there an easy way to test if it is failed?

Never bothered to test it, just a well known problem. Your blower motor runs, and you can run the fan on one speed, not likely that all the other speeds on the fan control all failed at the same time, and high didn't?
High fan only, usually means the resistor behind the glove compartment has failed.
TDIwyse wrote:
flman wrote:Make sure the card board is not blocking air flow to the CAC?

It's three sections of black painted (so you can't see it's there unless you look real close) cardboard that slip in behind the grill when the hood is opened. They do block most of the CAC. The bottom air inlet under the bumper is still all open. Don't all the winter covers block most of the CAC on diesel trucks? My Ram and YJ Cummins also get the black cardboard in the winters unless they're towing. The TDI has never been cardboarded.

If they cover the outer grill not really, but directly in front of the CAC, yeah. But I doubt it is gonna hurt anything, I know my Cummins book said not to cover it 100%, if you notice alot of trucks have a small opening in the grill cover. But like you said, you are getting air through the bumper.
TDIwyse wrote:
I have cardboard covering most of the radiator to help warm up the engine and keep it warm.
Confused in Iowa . . .

Make sure the card board is not blocking air flow to the CAC?
WXman wrote:I put a full tube of this stuff down my tranny fill tube today and it didn't even phase the shudder. Should I try another tube or would that be bad for the tranny?

Darby and others used a second tube, maybe your TC is already at the point of no return?
Dave wrote:I,m afraid to price an OEM replacement and assume only 80*C would be available since this is part of the EGR system. Your right, I wouldn't want to tow with this setup. The Jeep is only used to haul my butt around the flat lands of Michigan. If there is too much restriction, I can drill more holes, although that may defeat optimum temps in winter.

I too, am concerned about increased pressure in the hose considering this is already a pressurized system. I see they also make a unit with a threaded inlet. It would be cool if the outlet of the original tstat could be threaded and the inline fitted to it. I still would like to know the inner workings of the original before I do anything.

Dave, is the upper radiator hose on our CRD's 1 1/2". Just wondering, since you posted that size for the tstat housing?
WXman wrote:So where exactly are you guys buying this additive? Any guesses on long term negative effects it could possibly have?

I got it at Carquest, or you can buy it online? Try this link http://www.lubegard.com/WhereToBuy.aspx
WXman wrote:My MPG figures have been very low lately. I'm lucky to get 20 MPG. This is a 50/50 mix of city/highway and driving very conservatively. In fact, this current tank looks like it'll work out to around 18 MPG. That's pretty horrible for a vehicle like this. I'm wondering what affect using anti-gel additives has on fuel economy. Have you guys done any testing on this? The other thing that could be hurting me is that the temp. has been staying below freezing quite a bit lately. It's been a cold Winter here relative to average.

Maybe you should try plugging in the block heater? Lucky for me, the place I bought has a 2 car garage for the Jeeps, and a large shop for my truck. None of the spaces are heated full time, but it is alot better then out doors.

PS, Kind of funny I fell in love with the place before I even saw the inside of the house, it was going to be my first place with two bays, a shop with a 10' bay, and a large bungalow I converted to a shed to boot.
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