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Messages posted by: brew1
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GreenDieselEngineering wrote:Don't forget a prototype adapter plate to allow the engine to mate with the manual tranny and a solid flywheel is necessary with the diesel bolt pattern that mates to the pressure plate for the tranny chosen. Since these need to be machined, the cost will increase substantially. We are already working on a manual KJ tune for the Australian market, so the software side should not be a stumbling block. Unless most of the parts come from a wrecked vehicle, it would be difficult to develop a swap kit for under $5000. However, the capability and bragging rights of a manual diesel Jeep in the US might be worth it.

Seems this may be an excellent opportunity for GDE to put together a kit and parts list for those individuals interested in pursuing an upgrade to a 5 or 6 speed manual transmission. Would the clutch be able to comfortably handle the increased torque with the Turbo Kit?

I'd rather drop the $ for a manual upgrade than spending it on the Euro TC/Transmission Tune/Shift Kit only to still have questionable performance/overheating/longevity issues.

Perhaps building a kit in batches of 10, similar to how you offer the turbo kit, would help defray the custom machining costs? I'd feel a little more comfortable knowing that engineers have put together the appropriate kit with a parts list/instructions for performing the upgrade.

Depending on the price, I'd even drop my CRD off to be the first test mule for a manual swap. It's not my daily driver, so I could afford to be without it for a while.


GreenDieselEngineering wrote:brew1,

If you are able to get the new Mopar TC under warranty...that would set you up for the next several years. Being able to demonstrate shudder to a dealer should be enough to warrant a replacement. A little preventative maintenance on the TC will save the transmission in the long run. Ours are still going strong after 20,000 miles on two different KJs and we tend to be very destructive on our cars. The way we look at it, if it does not fail while we are testing it, chances are it will not fail on someone who actually treats their vehicle nice. Call us the 99th percentile driver...

Vehicle was previously in a lease program in AZ and the first TC was replaced by the stealership in the second year. I had the 2nd TC replaced about 1 year ago by my local stealership. They just drove it and confirmed the shudder, I already provided them with a copy of TSB. Only thing they didn't do was replace the tranny pump, which kinda pissed me off since it was called for under the TSB.

I figure another 3 months and with a little flogging, it will be ready for another TC this summer under the PT warranty.
Is the February release of the turbo kit still on track? Any units left? What would be the price for a 2005 kit if I wanted to keep the stock ECU and have you send me a hot tuned ECU with the kit? I realize you will reflash the ECU for free if the dealer messes with it, however, I really would prefer not to have to deal with the downtime involved in shipping the ECU back and forth.

I don't suppose you have a un-neutered TCU laying around that you would like to sell? If so, shoot me an email.

How is that TC holding up on the 2005 mule with the hot tune and turbo kit?

Update on the shudder.

Mild shudder is back after adding the two tubes a couple thousand miles ago. Usual story, right around 52 - 54 miles per hour, most often when going uphill. Gonna let it alone and do some trailer hauling and see if I can make the shudder bad enough to have the stealership replace the TC again under the remaining PT warranty. I understand the latest replacement TC may actually hold up more than a year
Ouch, I guess it can wait until the 100,000 mile TB change. I now have a better appreciation for my TDI's construction.
I agree, this stuff works. I used two tubes and haven't experienced the shudder since. I highly recommend it. However, I wouldn't consider it a substitute for upgrading to the Suncoast TC or latest MOPAR upgraded TC if you go with a performance tune on your ECU.

How much additional effort/time would be involved to remove/clean/reinstall the intake manifold at the time the turbo is upgraded. Just a ballpark figure?

Thanks ~ Mark
Just curious, un-neutered TCU's are pretty hard to come by. Did both your 2005 & 2006 come with un-neutered TCU's or were you able to recalibrate both TCU's back to the original specs?

Is good to hear that the exhaust temps dropped with the Eco tune. I'd be interested in hearing that is also the case with the turbo kit/modded DP and the hot tune.

How are the SAMCO hoses holdng up on your test mule? Would there be any benefit to encasing the SAMCO hoses in braided stainless sleeves?

Thanks ~ Mark
Seriously considering the turbo kit and the Mopar TC.

I'd have a local tranny shop install the TC, new pump and a Transgo at the same time. However, I'd consider doing the turbo install myself. Any type of step by step instructions planned for kit installs? Perhaps you took pics of the removal and installation process for your mules?

Did you pull and clean the intake when you did the turbo upgrade?

Interesting to hear that I'm not the only one that experienced runaway acceleration. My last trip to the stealership for this condition they found a cracked vacum hose that they replaced and they reflashed the ECU. Haven't had an issue since. I thought about filing a complaint with NTSB but never got around to it. If others are experiencing the same issue, it would be more credible to file complaints at the same time.

Just curious, are you installing the upgraded Mopar transmission pump at the same time you install the upgraded Mopar TC's? Are your mules running un-neutered or neutered TCU's. Mine has been neutered a couple times since the stealership has replaced the TC twice.

Did you upgrade the tranny on either of your mules with a Transgo kit? Would you recommend one?

Have you observed a decrease in exhaust temps with the larger turbo and modified downpipe?

Any update on the test mule using the turbo kit/hot tune with the upgraded TC?
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:Here are out goals for the Stage II turbo kit:
1. increased power/torque, linear power delivery
2. slightly improved fuel economy in steady state driving
3. similar longevity to stock turbo

We have been running the turbo in one vehicle for about 6 weeks. The development is progressing well and we are running the vehicle very hard to simulate a durability cycle. We are planning a cross country towing validation trip in a couple weeks. There is no plan to release this product until we have a solid confidence in its reliability. The manufacturer will not provide a product warranty for the new turbo as we have to perform some machining operations and weld new flanges on for mounting and support reasons. The volumes are not high enough for the turbo manufacturer to have a unique design to fit our KJs without mods. Changing the tooling could run into the millions on a turbocharger.

The tune will ensure the new turbo functions within all its design limits in any ambient temp and altitude. Our company goal is to build a good reputation for providing well engineered solutions, releasing a product with potential issues is not part of that strategy. We want to tune every diesel available in the US long term, the KJ is the first.

No warranty on the turbo, ouch!!!

About how much additional HP and Torque are you expecting to generate with this turbo package vs. the stock turbo with the hot tune?
CRD Joe wrote:I think the thing Id like to see most as an offered upgrade would be a European 6 speed
manual conversion.

I sprout wood just thinking about that upgrade.
GDE, thanks for your prompt reply.

Many of us over on Freds TDI site use Rocket Chip (Jeff Roberts) for our TDI tunes. I think he is up to 6 levels of tune based on the performance equipment installed on the particular TDI he is tuning. Some TDI's are tuned via the OBD port but some need to have the ECU removed disassembled and tuned on the bench. It is similar to what you are offering to remap various engine parameters including fueling and boost. He hasn't had the ability to do extensive testing that you are doing and I believe he probably purchases his basic tuning programs for the CRD and TDI from one of the European suppliers that Inmotion tuning uses and adjusts them as needed. Just speculation on my part. I had to talk him into tuning my CRD, he didn't want to do a hotter tune since he was aware of the issues with the TC and he didn't want to disable the EGR or CEL since he hasn't done extensive research to determine if doing so adversly effects any other engine parameters. He mentioned he could offer 3 levels of tune for the CRD but would only do a level one tune with the OEM TC still installed.

The use of a boost valve on TDI's is a huge debate that I really don't want to get into here. Some tuners recommend, some don't. My policy is to be safe rather than sorry.

Can I assume the use of a boost valve with your setup would not have an adverse effect on your hot turbo/tune if set at sufficiently high bleed off pressure? If one were inclined to run a boost valve with your hot turbo/tune, what pressure setting would be appropriate, or perhaps a better question is, what is the maximum boost pressure that you will be running with the hot turbo/tune and what is the maximum operating boost pressure for the Garret turbo in your kit?

You mention soot build up on the vanes and sticking. That leads to my observation about the condition of my TDI intake. After 50,000 plus miles of driving my TDI with an active EGR, my EGR was 50% clogged with gunk and it took me about $2.00 worth of quarters at the local car wash to high pressure clean the soot/gunk from the intake manifold before I reinstalled it and installed the race pipe and disposed of the EGR valve and EGR cooler.

What did the intake manifolds look like on the CRD's that you have rebuilt or taken apart? Minimal soot buildup? If installing the turbo kit, would you recommend removing and cleaning the intake manifold?

Is the turbo supplied directly from Garret with a full manufacturer warranty from them?

I agree that dead cats stink, but its kinda fun to euthanize them and see how they run/sound.

Thanks again for all the info and the time/effort you have/are putting into R&D for such a limited market. Most large tuners like Rocket Chip don't have the time to invest in test mules and extensive testing in such a limited market. He has his hands full with ECU's that are shipped to him and performing tunes at local TDI GTG's from coast to coast. Both my TDI and CRD were tuned at TDI GTG's here in WI and he tuned or upgraded tunes on no less than 16 - 20 vehicles at each one day GTG. That makes for a long day since most tuning went on from around 8:00 am until after midnight depending on any other issues a vehicle may have during the tuning process.

I look forward to your testing updates and customer feedback for the hot turbo/tune setup and will start budgeting for the package upgrade along with an aftermarket replacement TC. I'm looking forward to hearing how the Euro TC holds up with a hot turbo/tune setup under regular abuse and towing conditions.

Take care,


Just a few questions from a prospective customer that owns a 2005 CRD running an RC1 tune and a 03 Jetta TDI running an RC2+ tune, boost valve, EGR replaced with a race pipe, bigger injectors, bigger injector pump and a new upgraded turbo, downpipe and lift pump sitting in the closet waiting to be installed .

1. Are the OEM fuel injectors going to provide sufficient fuel with the upgraded turbo/boost/fueling hot tune?
2. What material is the downpipe and flange constructed with and is it the same diameter as the OEM downpipe?
3. What exhaust configuration are you using for your test mule with the hot turbo/ecu package?
4. Are you using upgrade SAMCO hoses in your test mule?
5. Does your hot turbo/ecu package disable the egr, if not can you incorporate and EGR block off plate in the system and disable the CEL?
6. Any benefit for me to install the SEGR kit sitting in my closet if I decide to get the hot turbo/ecu package?
7. Are you running a boost valve with your hot turbo/ecu package? If not, any harm in running a boost valve as a cheap insurance policy against unforseen engine
problems that could cause an overboost situation and possible engine damage. I'd rather spend a few dollars for a boost valve than a few thousand to rebuild an
8. Any issues utilizing the cruise control with the hot tune?
9. Any issues with uncontrolled acceleration with either tune? Only reason I ask is I experienced uncontrolled accleration with my CRD while running in ORM mode with
my RC1 tune with the cruise control engaged and without the cruise control engaged. Brakes had to be forcefuly applied to stop the acceleration only to have
uncontrolled acceleration recur when the accelerator was depressed slightly. Stopping the vehicle, turning the engine on and off several time corrected the problem.
Stealership could not replicate the uncontrolled acceleration (I reconnected the airbox wiring). The second trip I made to the stealership for this problem, they could not
replicate the problem, however they diagnosed a loose connection due to my breaking one of the tabs on the wire connecter when switching out of ORM mode. Theory
at the stealership was that manually wiggling the connector caused the CEL normally associated with the ORM and that somehow caused uncontrolled acceleration.
Never mind that the connection was sufficient not to throw a CEL during normal driving. Solution, large zip tie installed to prevent the wire connection from
wiggling. Sorry for the long story. I haven't had an issue for several months, however I haven't used the cruise control since then, nor have I tried the ORM.
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