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Messages posted by: flman
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I have 2 CRD Jeeps one has the Eco tune, the other has the Hot tune and the TCM tune. Keith recently tuned my 05 Sprinter and we have seen an increase of 3 MPG on winter fuel, we also noticed right away that the van has more torque and requires very little pressure on the accelerator pedal to keep it moving along. I do not personally drive the vehicle, but the driver has been impressed, I think it may even have more get up and go then my 2010 V6 Sprinter with the stock ECU? Looks like GDE did it again, they are an asset in the diesel tuning world, and the tune will pay for itself many times over.
bigmaho1 wrote:one more question, anything else I should think of doing once I open the front to put the timing belt in? ie, Water pump?

How about a new thermostat since you already drained the fluid?
AndzikD wrote:
GreenDieselEngineering wrote:We would appreciate any feedback from customers that have been tracking their fuel economy during the last few month. Before tune numbers and after tune numbers along with driving conditions would be fantastic. Some customers have noticed the annual drop in fuel economy with the winter season. This is due mainly to the fuel blending of diesel and partially due to colder ambient temps. A 10% drop is fairly typical going from summer to winter.



Here you can find the stats of my Liberty "Stock" from the last 6 months (June-December 2010) before ECO Tune.


And here are stats after Tune.


The driving condition are the same (driving roads and car load). The Car is always load with tools or people. The stat need to be corrected for about 4.5% (wrong reading of odometer). In real, the stats are better for about 4.5%
The wether here in Toronto (Mississauga) is very cold (-10C, -20C) for the time of my ECO Tune. But still, the average is better then last year.

I hope. it will help.

When I first saw you Fuelly I thought you were some kind of anti diesel troll trying to say the CRD gets 10-11 Mile per gallon, until I caught on to the 100 Kilometer Per Liter
Thanks for the reply, I thought it would be nice to have in colder weather to keep the engine temps up, but it sounds like alot of work and money to achieve this.
Is it possible to program our cruise control to be used for high idle purposes? My old Freightliner with electronic cruise control was able to use the same control to adjust the PTO speed.
mikey1273 wrote:yeah I would rather give you the $50 than the dealer and keep my tune.

if I had a GP issue could one flash the new code just Before taking it to the shop and having the new plugs installed? I am thinking that would be ok but the current ones may not heat enough with the new code, not an issue so much if its warmer I'm sure.

You could always unplug the GPs until you get the re-flash or visa versa.
I would rather give you the $50 bucks over hanging out at a dealer for 2 hours. Thanks for the good info on the glow plugs as well.
Anonymous wrote:
Anonymous wrote:Yep. With and without combinations of various length extensions. I may see if I can find some half-moon or s-shaped wrenches to try out. There has to be a way to get to that thing. It's probably something simple that I'm overlooking.

does anyone have part numbers ?

GreenDieselEngineering wrote:In the end it is a wash, just the core deposit to ensure we get the stock TCM back for the next customer. The TCMs are not tied to the vehicle with VIN or any sort of security.

And in the end you save fuel, and get as close to a standard as you are going to get, due to the way it locks up up the drive line at low speeds.
I have seen this one on Ebay a few times, give the seller a shout and see if he has any more?

Mikey, the tool Keith sends will be able to clear the codes for you, so you might as well leave it unplugged until you get the tune.
Moho, Actually your are helping in bailing them out of the doo doo. Now you wont feel so bad when you lay out the extra $100 bucks
Anonymous wrote:You aren't kidding about that lower nut. I can't seem to get to it. You don't, by chance, have any helpful hints or suggestions? The front diff is right underneath it!

Did you try a universal joint socket?
I used it, and thought you needed a notebook connected to it at all times? Took a little while to figure that out, and I am not too big on calling for tech support.
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