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Messages posted by: GreenDieselEngineering
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Our customers tell the story about the trans tune better than we can. Below is a write-up of the ECODIESEL trans one the WK2.

Eco Mode - actually fits its name now, the fuel mileage goes up before your eyes. Always starts in 2nd and though it’s tuned for economy the shifts are much smoother with less hesitation than stock.

Normal Mode - feels similar to the stock sport mode shift map. Power is there when you need it, shifts are crisper and the fuel mileage is the same or better than the stock eco mode map. I use this mode most often.

Sport mode - holy balls! The truck squats, shits and gits ???? it’s like doing a hole shot! Lmao it woke the truck up so much it’s insane. The turbo whistle is louder in this map (keep in mind I have other modifications) and the torque is instant. Shifts are so fast you don’t even realize they happened and the majority of differences are noted at slower speeds. (I.e. if you peg it at 75-80 you don’t see much of a difference). If you’re around 30% (estimate) throttle at those speeds the truck takes off and scoots. This mode is jumpy in stop and go traffic mostly because you catch it in between shifts at super slow speeds. Doesn’t happen often but every once in awhile you’ll catch it in the middle of shifting and the truck will buck.

Everything is much crisper and smoother, the truck is WAY more responsive, definitely quicker in all regards, and fuel economy is drastically improved in all modes. Compliments the GDE tune perfectly! The device you get also doubles as a code reader and diagnostic tool which is pretty sweet also.
Negative. The ecm is model year specific on the KJ.
The only way to check is with a dealer scan tool.
Nothing planned at this time.
From what we hear, the recall does not include the ECO diesel. Rather it is mainly gas vehicles.
briwood74 wrote:Will an ecu from a 2017 ecodiesel work in a 2018?

2014-2018 all use the same ecm, yes it will work.
This situation is a nightmare. We removed one on our truck, by spraying with penetrating lube and unscrewing 2-3 threads per year. After a week of repeated lubing and working the glow plug in and out, we finally got it out all the way. However, many shops and dealers snap off the glow plug and the head has to be removed. The glow plugs do not have anti-seize on them from the factory...big mistake.
The investment to do that is too expensive and we would never recoup the investment.
Send us an email so we know your name and we can look up your service record.

No idea at this point, we will have to wait until the product is released to understand what ecm GM is going to be using. If like the L5P, it will be untunable.
The GDE tune is sold with the latest FCA release. If the dealer were to overwrite the GDE tune, we charge $50 to reinstall.
Our install setup is only for the first time. swapping ecms later on is just plug and play.
sardo_67 wrote:oh ok because you delete all of the DPF related things and if you leave it on they will get clogged up due to no regen?

call us for further clarification.
sardo_67 wrote:what do you mean swap within 300 miles?

If a customer orders 'off-road' tuning, they need to change the exhaust system at relatively the same time.
sardo_67 wrote:how does the engine brake option work? can i turn it on when i tow then off when i just want the mpgs?

The engine brake is active with engine rpm above 2000 and foot off the pedal. It has nothing to do with tow/haul.
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